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Save 10% on Popular Optics & Opto-mechanical 10-Packs*

Newport not only offers high quality products, but also great savings on hundreds of basic lab essentials. Now, when you buy any of the following featured product 10-packs, get 10 for the price of 9 for an instant 10% savings on some of our most popular Newport optics and opto-mechanical components.

*Select packs offered in quantities <10 pieces per pack. Savings percentage varies based on pack size, please see product pages for pricing details.


Broadband Metallic Mirror Packs

Broadband Dielectric Mirror Packs

Ultrafast Mirror Packs


Post Holder, Bases & Clamp Packs

Stainless Steel Optical Mounting Post Packs

Stainless Steel Optical Pedestal Packs

Mirror Mount Packs

Lens Mount Packs

Micrometers and Adjustment Screw Packs

Iris Diaphragm Packs

Lab Tool Packs