Custom Solutions For Motion Control

Providing Custom Motion Solutions For 50 Years

For 50 years, Newport's motion team has been developing high precision custom/OEM systems for research, industrial and aerospace customers and providing solutions from system design through manufacture to on-site installation. Today our system capability is represented in three different categories: Technology Platform, Assemblies and Advanced Solutions.  Please see our Custom Motion Systems brochure for additional information.

MC-FEA bracket-S

Our team of application and design engineers support you from concept to in-depth technical discussion and analysis. Support includes design and application engineering as well as project management. System metrology, on-site installation, documentation and training are also available.

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Application engineers assist you in selecting and modifying standard motion products to create custom solutions such as gimbal assemblies and engineered multi-axis systems. Performance optimization to the application requirements is available along with metrology documentation of the system.

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To accommodate various types of loads and positioning requirements, Newport Gimbals are offered in either half-yoke or full-yoke configuration in various sizes. Heidenhain encoders can be integrated to provide sub-arcsec level accuracy and sensitivity, metrology services are provided for orthogonality and axis alignment.

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Wafer inspection gantry system

Gantries are built from standard products or are customized to specific customer needs. Gantries provide motion in either 2 axis (XY) or 3 axis (XYZ). Precision rotation stages may also be added for further adjustment of the sample or the tool/sensor.

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DynamYX Datum

Newport has designed and manufactured high precision motion systems and complex positioning equipment that leading OEMs use for over 1000 facilities around the world. Newport air bearing solutions are offered in three families of products, DynamYX, HybrYX and SinguLYS.

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Custom development solutions are available by modifying standard products such as linear stages, rotation stages, actuators or hexapods for higher speed, higher loads, long travel, higher resolution, different orientations and sensitivity requirements. In addition, manual positioning stages can be used along with actuators to create custom motion systems at lower costs than motorized stages alone.

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FIG 62-S

Newport’s motion controllers provide advanced features of synchronized motion and contouring, trajectories, error compensation, event and triggers function, position capture, interferometric feedback and data acquisition. This covers various levels of applications from simple research that moves an optic, to complex industrial uses that requires coordination of multiple axes with other instruments. Solutions are also available for collision prevention or automation software.

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CMS Banc de Calibration-WHT noBkgrd

Custom Motion Interfaces

To facilitate the multi-axis assembly using standard products, customized interface plates can be provided on request. It includes the angle bracket, payload adaptor plates, base plates or standard interface plate with special holes specifications.


Special environmental preparation is available for standard as well as custom products including preparation for clean room, vacuum, ultra high vacuum, extreme temperature and EUV requirements.

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