Polka Dot Pattern Beamsplitting

These beamsplitters are coated with aluminum and SiO protective overcoat in a "polka dot" pattern. The pattern is a series of aluminum dots, 2.5 mm in diameter, separated by a 3.2 mm center-to-center distance.

50/50 Split From 250 to 2500 nm

Optimized for white light illumination applications, the smallest beam diameter suitable for a 50/50 split is 0.37 inches (9.5 mm). For beams larger than this, 50% of an incident beam hits the coated area, independent of the angle of incidence, and is reflected. The other 50% of the incident beam hits the uncoated fused silica. The reflectance off the uncoated area is angle- and polarization-sensitive, but this is a minor effect (except at very high angles of incidence). For angles up to 45°, specified performance can be expected.