Two Virtual Centers of Rotation

Program up to two virtual pivot points without calculating coordinate system transformations or powering down the controller. The two virtual pivot points are origins of the two definable coordinates systems: Tool, which moves with the top plate, and Work, which is a stationary reference. This allows the user to conceptualize how the sample and tool are manipulated. For this 6-axis device, complex motion is simplified for easy user program development.

RightPath™ Trajectory Control

RightPath™ Trajectory Control is a firmware feature that enables scanning motion along a defined trajectory, line, arc or rotation, with minimal runout and at a constant, definable speed.

Innovative Actuator Joints

Each Newport Hexapod model differentiates itself with its own unique joint system which improve position stability under load. When compared to other hexapods of similar size, Newport hexapods have more than five-times the rigidity and twice the load capacity provided by either the spherical or cardan joint design.

Spherical joint to enhance stiffness in a compact, low-profile design.

Parallel Kinematic Motion

Hexapods are ingenious and effective solutions to complex motion applications that require high load capacity and accuracy in up to six independent axes. Parallel kinematic motion devices provide six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, pitch, roll, and yaw) in a compact solution to multi-axis positioning. As an alternative to stacking multiple stages, hexapods have no moving cables, are lower in overall cost, and offers error compensated motion.

HexaViz Simulation Software

Simple , but yet powerful tool to help  select the right Hexapod for a given application

  • Configuration of  coordinate systems
  • Display of  travel range axis by axis in 2D and 3D view
  • Test under  loads, forces and torque
  • Search for worst case positions and overlaod condition


  • Optics and satellite assembly and testing
  • AED simulation
  • Astronomy
  • Biotechnology, surgery
  • X-Ray diffraction
  • Micromachining, micro-manipulation
  • Automotive

High Precision Actuators

The Hexapod's top plate is driven by six, synchronized, high performance actuators with encoder feedback at the leadscrew nut to providing precise MIM, low backlash and fast speed.