New Introducing HexaViz

Hexapod Simulation Software for
6-Axis Motion Exploration

Discover which Newport Hexapod model best fits your application needs before ordering. Newport's FREE HexaViz Hexapod Simulation Software provides an easy-to-use virtual hexapod interface to evaluate travel range, load capacity, force, and torque characteristics.

HexaViz screenshot
HexaViz main overview screen with current configuration, positions, load and force values.
HexaViz screenshot
Explore multiple 2-D linear & angular workspaces simultaneously.
HexaViz screenshot
Execute manual hexapod moves with sliders and perform absolute and incremental moves with 'Tool & Work' frames.
HexaViz screenshot
Virtual hexapod orientation, coordinate system adjustments, and motion simulation previews.
HexaViz screenshot
Validate entire XYZ workspace in 3-D.
HexaViz screenshot
Performance testing by load, force, and torque (useful in finding worst case positions).
HexaViz screenshot
Collision Simulation.
HexaViz screenshot
Collision between hexapods and objects.
HexaViz screenshot
Collision between objects on hexapods and fixed objects.

HexaViz Key Features:

  • Compatible with Newport's complete line of HXP Series Hexapods
  • Graphical display of travel ranges axis-by-axis, in 2-D or XYZ 3-D views
  • Manual sliders for motion
  • Incremental motion capability
  • Coordinate system and Hexapod orientation configuration
  • Hexapod actuator load capacity and overload condition verification, when loads, forces or torques are applied
  • Display of worst case positions
  • Ability to save configuration for easy recall
  • 3D file import or creation using an existing library
  • Collision Simulation
    • Between hexapods and objects
    • Between objects on hexapods and fixed objects

Software Compatibility:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10*
  • Free Disk Space: 2 GB
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB
  • Graphics Hardware: DirectX 9 compatible
  • Monitor Resolution: WXGA (1366x768) or higher
  • Runtime requirement: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile or higher

*NOTE: HexaViz runs on any PC equipped with DirectX 9-compatible graphics hardware capable of a WXGA display resolution. All modern Windows based PCs are capable of running HexaViz. It is possible to run this program under Windows XP SP3 or Vista SP1, provided a DirectX 9-compatible display driver is installed. Although the software works on these machines, we do not provide support for such legacy configurations.