Solid Aluminum with Dovetail Mounting

Rails and carriers of the X48 Series are made of solid aluminum to provide rigid, yet lightweight support to optical systems. The precision dovetail design allows components to be quickly attached or removed without disturbing other carriers or components. Aluminum housed, knurled knobs securely clamp carriers to the rail and eliminate contact between the screw shaft and the rail to prevent rail damage from over-tightening.

Unique Symmetrical Cruciform Shape Provides Four Mounting Surfaces

A symmetrical 47.5 mm cruciform cross-section accommodates dovetail-style carriers on all four sides for easy mounting and removal. The unique rail shape increases its longitudinal and torsional stiffness, despite its versatile profile.

48 mm Aluminum Optical Rail Carriers

CXL48 Series Carriers enable fast, easy mounting and secure clamping of components at any point along the rail. CXL48-50 and CXL48-80 Carriers are specially designed to support positioners with the 50 and 80 module size, respectively. Knurled knobs are used to securely clamp the carriers to the rail. A unique clamp design eliminates contact between the screw shaft and the rail for smoother sliding, more stable positioning, and prevention of possible rail damage from over-tightening. A stable optical bench can be built using the X48 rail with the BCX48S Single Foot and the BCX48D Double Foot. The feet are adjustable in height to assist in leveling the rail.