Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Type Length Height Thread Type Availability Price
Optical Rail 166.6 mm 21.1 mm
Optical Rail 316.5 mm 21.1 mm
Optical Rail 616.7 mm 21.1 mm
Optical Rail 926.6 mm 21.1 mm
Rail Carrier 12.7 mm 19.1 mm
Rail Carrier 25.4 mm 20.6 mm 1/4-20
Rail Carrier 25.4 mm 20.6 mm M6
Rail Carrier 88.9 mm 20.6 mm 1/4-20
Rail Carrier 88.9 mm 20.6 mm M6


Precision Dovetail Design for Sturdy Hold and Excellent Linearity

The PRL Series Precision Dovetail Optical Rail system maintains a low profile with its 3.93 in. (99.8 mm) wide base to provide a sturdy hold of carriers with a combined height of 1.26 in. (31.9 mm). The precision-machined, anodized aluminum dovetail construction provides smooth and easy-to-use carrier translation with a straightness of 0.001 in over 8 in. (25 µm over 25 cm).

Four Optical Rail Lengths Available

Optical rails come in 6.00 in (16.7 cm), 12.5 in. (31.7 cm), 24.3 in. (61.7 cm) and 36.5 in (92.7 cm) lengths and are compatible with English or metric table hole patterns.

Three Optical Rail Carriers Available

The optical rail carriers are also easy to use and may be removed or installed at any point on the rail. The aluminum carriers ride on extra-hard polymer pads, selected for low friction, resistance to cold flow, and long life. The overall nominal height of a carrier mounted on to an optical rail is 1.256 in. (31.9 mm). Convenient thumb-adjust lock knobs securely clamp the carriers in place anywhere on the rail.

Engraved Linear Scales

A metric and imperial linear scale is engraved in the side of the precision-machined anodized aluminum optical rail for ease of optical system set-up.