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Power and Wavelength Meter, 100 VAC
Power and Wavelength Meter, 120 VAC
Power and Wavelength Meter, 220 VAC
Power and Wavelength Meter, 240 VAC


  • Type
    Optical Power and Wavelength Meter
  • Communication Interfaces
  • Wavelength Range
    Dependent on Detector Head
  • Display Type
    5-digit, 7-segment, green LEDs
  • Optical Power Range
    Dependent on Detector Head


A Wide Variety of Measurement Heads

The OMH-6700B Series Optical Measurement Heads, when coupled with the OMM-6810B Optical Multimeter, provide the flexibility to easily and accurately measure the optical power of most laser diode sources available today including short wavelength lasers, higher power pump, and fiber laser diodes. In addition, Power/Waveheads are available that measure the power-averaged wavelength. Choose from power only or power and wavelength measurement heads to cover a source wavelength range of 350 to 1650nm and optical power from -50dB to + 45dB. Power/Waveheads use proven and efficient integrating sphere technology for both free space measurements and fiber measurements. All measurement heads can be configured for the most common fiber optic connectors including FC, LC, ST, SC, and bare fiber.

Count on High Performance

The OMM-6810B is an accurate, low noise power meter capable of measuring optical power over an 80dB dynamic range and offers the stability and repeatability necessary for precise power measurement. Packed with other features including a simple wavelength measurement technique developed at ILX Lightwave, the OMM-6810B becomes the only power meter to measure wavelength and power in a single, easy to use instrument. Power/Waveheads offer up to 10W of optical power measurement with wavelength measurement accuracies from several tenths of a nanometer to one nanometer. For spectral measurements of high power sources, a fiber tap is included on the OMH-6790B Power/Wavehead to allow convenient connection to an optical spectrum analyzer.

Power & Wavelength Heads

Power & Wavelength heads combine precision power measurement capability with ILX Lightwave’s unique wavelength measurement capability to deliver a cost effective laser diode measurement tool. For example, the OMH-6742B Head with wavelength accuracy of ±1.0 nm eliminates the need for additional wavelength measurements in short wavelength laser diode testing, saving time and money. Since these heads measure wavelength, they have the unique capability to "self calibrate" the wavelength dependent response of the detector. There is no need to enter a wavelength for an accurate power measurement; the instrument does it automatically by sensing the wavelength. This allows the OMM 6810B with one of the power/waveheads to act like a spectrally flat thermal detector.

Power Only Heads

Power only heads for both free space and fiber optic measurements offer the capability of measuring power only from laser diode sources while capitalizing on the wide dynamic range of semiconductor detectors. The power measurements are made possible by integrating sphere technology, allowing power measurements up to 30dBm. The fiber optic heads ensure high sensitivity, high stability, and low noise power measurements by temperature controlling the detectors.

Powerful GPIB Interface Makes Remote Control and Testing Easy

For automated control, the GPIB interface allows remote programming and instrument operation in research and development or manufacturing environments. All instrument and measurement head functions accessible from the front panel are also accessible through the GPIB interface, making data gathering quick and accurate. In addition, a LabVIEW™ driver is available for download.

Sophisticated, Yet Simple to Operate

The OMM-6810B can be intuitively operated from the front panel or via the standard GPIB interface. Optical power can be read on the left hand display in either linear or logarithmic units, while wavelength is displayed on the right hand display in either nanometers or wavenumbers. Both 5-digit, green LED displays are easy to view, even with safety goggles on. For optical alignment, the optical power level is also easy to monitor on the clear, 16-segment, analog intensity bar graph. An analog output port on the rear panel, with a voltage proportional to power, is also provided for remote monitoring

Measurement Confidence

The OMM-6810B and OMH-6700 Series Measurement Heads are calibrated to NIST traceable standards in our own calibration laboratory where accuracy and traceability are our primary concerns. Our documented quality system ensures conformance to continuous traceability and ultimately your confidence in the power/waveheads’ measurements.