Detector Modules Covering VIS-NIR Wavelength Range

The PulseScout2 base model does not include a detector module. Detector modules are available in BLUE (420 - 550nm), RED (520 - 750nm), NIR (700 - 100nm), and IR (1000 - 1600nm) and include the SHG Crystal. The detector modules are easy to interchange, so you can simply replace the detector module to change the wavelength range or detector type.

Detector Options for High and Low Rep Rate Lasers

The PulseScout can be used to measure pulse widths from both high repetition rate (MHz) oscillators when using the PMT detector modules and low repetition rate (kHz) amplifiers using the Photodiode detector modules.

Computer Interface Software Suite Included

Enabling remote control of the PulseScout2 via TCP/IP using SCPI command structure. This software package is included with the base model unit. Utilize this for integration of the PulseScout2 into automated measurement setups.

The Base Model

The base model contains the optical head shown on the right and control unit shown on the left. Interchangeable detector modules are offered, but are not included with the base model.

Broad Ultrafast Pulse Width Capability

The PulseScout2 is capable of measuring pulse widths from 20 fs to 3.5 ps.

Easy to Align and Configure

Alignment is straight-forward with the built-in target and crosshair, and can be done easily even for first time users, making this autocorrelator an ideal diagnostic tool for all of your ultrafast applications. Interchangeable detector modules can be used with the same autocorrelator optical head and can be changed out in seconds.

Collinear and Non-Collinear Configurations Standard

Easy alignment is performed in collinear mode and switching to non-collinear mode gives you a background and interference free measurement.