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Pneumatic Isolator Set, Compact, Self-Leveling, Set of 4
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In Stock
Pneumatic Isolator, Compact, Slaved Unit without Re-leveling Valve
Pneumatic Isolator, Compact, Re-leveling Valve
Pneumatic Isolator Set, Compact, Self-Leveling, Set of 3
Pneumatic Isolator Set, Ultra-clean, Class 10, Set of 4


  • Isolator Height
    50.8 mm
  • Load Capacity per Isolator
    60 lb (27 kg)
  • Self Centering
  • Releveling Accuracy
    0.6 mm
  • Horizontal Isolation, Resonance
    3.6 Hz
  • Horizontal Amplification at Resonance
    10 dB
  • Horizontal Isolation, 10 Hz
  • Vertical Isolation, Resonance
    3.2 Hz
  • Vertical Amplification at Resonance
    12 dB
  • Vertical Isolation, 10 Hz


Stabilizer™ Hybrid Chamber Design

Side view of CM-225 isolator

One of the most important design goals of pneumatic vibration isolators is to achieve lower natural frequency. It is related to the isolator's compliance volume - the larger the volume, the lower the frequency. Unlike the conventional design of a compliance chamber (the volume of which affects natural frequency) and a damping chamber, Newport's patented Stabilizer hybrid chamber design consists of a small size initial chamber and a second damping chamber together as a unified hybrid chamber. Because the initial chamber is reduced dramatically in size, it forces the isolator to use the second chamber as part of the compliance volume, which greatly increases the compliance volume for a given package size, and greatly lowers the natural frequency.

Compact, Low-profile Isolator

The extremely low profile design allows integration into a large variety of small machines.

Part Number Standard  Slave Driver  Slave Unit 
 CM-225  2  1  1
 CM-225-3  3  0  0
 CM-225-1V  1  0  0
 CM-225-1S  0  0  1