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Vibration Isolation Mount, Neoprene, 25 lbs. load capacity
Vibration Isolation Mount, Neoprene, Top Plate, 25 lb., M6 or 1/4-20
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Uniquely Designed Concentric Ring

Those neoprene isolation mounts are specially designed with patent pending concentric rings that decreasing in height, engaging the load gradually as the elastomer material deflects. Compared to neoprene pads or other similar isolators, this special design provides better support, isolation and damping performance for applications that requires basic vibration isolation and damping.

Optional Aluminum Top Plate

We offer neoprene isolation mounts with an aluminum top plate so that the isolator load will be distributed more evenly on the surface of the mount, providing better isolation performance. This is especially useful for those instruments that have small floor/tabletop contact areas, or for users who would like to attach the mount securely to the bottom of their instrument.

Affordable General Isolation Platforms

We offer lab isolation platforms that feature 4 of Newport's uniquely designed neoprene isolator feet. It is designed for less demanding applications to isolate small equipment from vibrations. The shown LIP175 is suitable for isolating lab equipment such as balances, petri dishes, smaller low to medium power microscopes when environmental conditions are impacting image quality.