Rigid and Lightweight Aluminum Cylinder Core

The X95 rails provide rigid and lightweight support with an aluminum cylinder core and four, 10mm thick longitudinal reinforcing ribs on which dovetail carriers are easily mounted and removed locally. The rib structure also increase the longitudinal and torsional rigidity of the rail and supports both horizontal and vertical configurations.

Build Large Scale Rigid Structures

Rigid support structures can be easily constructed using CX95A / CX95AS right angle joints andCX100 structural cubes. Large structures can be stiffened by AX94 or AX95 guy stiffens in a tension arrangement. Newport has adaptor plates to attach X95 components to pneumatic Stable Level Mounts, elastomeric dampers or rubber bumpers. Casters and leveling feet are also available. These options allow flexible sized workstation frames for breadboards, granite tables or small optical tables.

Three Rail Carrier Sizes with Metric or Imperial Threads

Components can be quickly mounted to or removed from rails via CXL95 carriers. Three carrier sizes are designed to support positioners with 50 mm, 80 mm and 120 mm width sizes on the X95 Rail. English or metric mounting holes allow direct mounting of a wide selection of linear stages, rotation stages and optical mounts. For easy assembly and disassembly, carriers can be removed or installed at any point on the rail by loosening the thumbscrew and tipping the carrier. A unique clamp design eliminates contact between the screw shaft and rail for easier sliding, more stable positioning and prevention of possible rail damage from over tightening. Strong, secure dovetail mounting design allows carriers to be mounted vertically on the sides of the rail, or even suspended upside-down from the bottom of the rail.

Build Rigid Optical Tables or Workstations

These high load capacity structural rails can be used as the base for a granite top optical table or a breadboard top optical workstation.

Leveling Feet for Stand Alone Applications

A wide variety of mounting feet options are available for stand-alone optical systems and large scale structures.