Best Valued Bundles

These kits are useful for those who are new to optical measurements and who need simple measurement tools. All kits also include a BPH-3 Post Holder with a Slotted Base and a 3 inch long, ½ inch diameter post. You can order either a standard kit or you can configure your own set of power meter and detector using the model number PMKIT (not offered in Europe).

Standard PMKIT

The standard power meter kits have been updated with new power meters and detectors (available globally). The kits now include 843-R optical power meter instead of the obsolete 1916-R or 1917-R power meters. The kits with the 818P series thermopile detectors have been replaced by the new Thermopile Sensors. See Ordering Table for the available models.

Configurable PMKIT

The configurable PMKIT allows the customer to configure her own kit from an expanded selection including model 1918-R high performance power meter and a broader choice of detectors. This configuration must be quoted and is not available for online purchase.

Easily Expandable

It is easy to expand the capabilities of your power measurement products after puchasing the power meter kit.  Thanks to the large number of compatible products available at Newport, you can simply purchase another detector, a meter, or optomechanical components as new requirement arises.