Superior Mechanical Design

VIBe™ technology works in horizontal direction by utilizing ball bearings sandwiched between precision raceways, forming the plane of isolation. When the ball bearings displace and restore into their positions in raceways, they act like nonlinear springs that cut off the transmission of vibrations. The oscillating motion of the ball bearings have no "natural" frequency, therefore the resonance between the two halves of the isolation plane become physically impossible. As a result, the isolator filters out a broad band of input vibration frequencies and insures a constant level of vibration transmission reduction. Vertical vibration isolation is handled by the Newport's proprietary, nonlinear spring mechanism with near zero tangential stiffness for vibrations. The natural frequency of the spring remains relatively low and constant across a large range of spring compression, effectively isolating the vertical vibrations.

VIB320 Isolators Featured in VIP Vibration Isolation Platform

Newport VIP320 rectangular and VIP3200 microscope platforms are compact, effective and easy-to-use platforms that significantly reduces vibrations from disturbing sensitive instruments such as microscopes, inspection or analysis equipment.

Patented Mechanical Isolation

VIB320 isolators are Newport's patented mechanical isolators using VIBe™ technology that are maintenance-free and user configurable. Featuring great robustness for tough environment, quicker settling time than pneumatic isolators and solid performance for vibration isolation, the VIB320 isolators are very popular among microscopy, precision measurement and inspection, and other sensitive applications.