VIBe™ Mechanical Vibration Isolation Technology

The patented mechanical isolation technology features six degree of freedom isolator design to work within a defined range of weight under which the isolators deflect or compress. The amount of deflection is a function of the payload on each isolator. Vertical and horizontal vibration is effectively attenuated and your precision application is isolated from the vibration. It is a great alternative solution for applications that are not suitable for pneumatic isolation.

Superior Mechanical Design Ensures Vibration Isolation Performance

VIBe™ technology works in horizontal direction by utilizing ball bearings sandwiched between precision raceways, forming the plane of isolation. When the ball bearings displace and restore into their positions in raceways, they act like nonlinear springs that cut off the transmission of vibrations. The oscillating motion of the ball bearings have no "natural" frequency, therefore the resonance between the two halves of the isolation plane become physically impossible. As a result, the isolator filters out a broad band of input vibration frequencies and insures a constant level of vibration transmission reduction. Vertical vibration isolation is handled by the Newport's proprietary, nonlinear spring mechanism with near zero tangential stiffness for vibrations. The natural frequency of the spring remains relatively low and constant across a large range of spring compression, effectively isolating the vertical vibrations.

Build Your own VIP320 Platform

We offer several standard plates compatible with VIB320 isolators for you to configure your own VIP320 platform. Go to accessories section to find those plates and configure using brackets and VIB320 isolators to build your own platform. Determine the size, weight and weight distribution of your application being isolated, then select the right size plate and right payload version of the VIB320 isolators to support your application. Newport offers mounting bracket VIB-BRKT and various mounting accessories B320-ACC series.

Four Standard Baseplate Choices

The baseplate in VIP320 platform is available in four standard shapes, two rectangular ( VIP-1218 , VIP-1824) and two triangular (VIB-G001 , VIB-G002), which have been designed to satisfy the widest range of application needs. The two rectangular baseplates come in 12 x 18 in. and 18 x 24 in. sizes and can be equipped with isolator bearings to support payloads from 5 lbs to over 350 lbs. The triangular models have been designed specifically to accommodate a large assortment of microscope footprints from all leading manufacturers. Special shapes and sizes are also available on request.

15 Isolator Bearing Choices

In total, 15 models of VIB320 isolators that effectively cover a load range from 2-180 lbs are available. This allows users to configure the proper size platform and position isolators in the required locations on a baseplate to support and isolate their instrument, even if the load is not uniform, as in the case of microscopes which are typically heavier in the rear by as much as 50%. VIBe™ Series VIB320 isolator bearings are mechanical isolators available in discrete payload ranges as identified by their part number. For very light instruments, the VIB320-0210 isolates total payloads from 2-10 lbs per bearing and for heavy instruments the VIB320-110180 isolates total payloads from 110-180 lbs per isolator. VIB320 Isolators are passive and mechanical and do not require air hoses, maintenance or supporting hardware.