Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Length Width Height Maximum Load Capacitiy Availability Price
BT-1620 20 in. 16 in. 50.8 mm 80 kg $2,057
BT-2024 24 in. 20 in. 50.8 mm 80 kg
BT-2424 24 in. 24 in. 50.8 mm 80 kg
BT-2430 30 in. 24 in. 50.8 mm 80 kg
BT-2436 36 in. 24 in. 50.8 mm 80 kg
BTC-1620 20 in. 16 in. 50.8 mm 80 kg
BTC-2024 24 in. 20 in. 50.8 mm 80 kg
BTC-2424 24 in. 24 in. 50.8 mm 80 kg
BTC-2430 30 in. 24 in. 50.8 mm 80 kg
BTC-2436 36 in. 24 in. 50.8 mm 80 kg


Note: Specifications below are common to all products presented. See Individual product details for complete information.

  • Height
    50.8 mm
  • Maximum Load Capacitiy
    80 kg
  • Horizontal Isolation, 10 Hz
  • Horizontal Isolation, Resonance
    3.6 Hz
  • Horizontal Amplification at Resonance
    10 dB
  • Vertical Isolation, 10 Hz
  • Vertical Isolation, Resonance
    3.2 Hz
  • Vertical Amplification at Resonance
    12 dB
  • Self Centering
  • Working Surface
    white laminate
  • Releveling Accuracy
    0.6 mm


Integrated Leveling Valves for Improved Repositioning Accuracy

Four isolator modules are recessed into the bottom of the platform, achieving top-notch table top vibration isolation. Each isolator module contains a pneumatic, flexible rolling diaphragm that supports the load, thereby decoupling vibrations from the isolated platform. If the platform is disturbed, the modules automatically relevel the platform using compressed air.

Custom Working Surfaces

Standard Benchtop isolators come with a white plastic laminated surface. Custom versions are offered with a stainless steel top and with or without mounting holes. Contact Newport for more details.

Stabilizer™ Vibration Isolation Technology

CM-225 Pneumatic isolators used in BT Series are adapted from Newport's acclaimed Stabilizer Model S-2000 Vibration Isolators, is at the heart of the system. This technology is renowned for compact size, faster settling times, superior high-center-of-mass stability, lower natural frequency, and a patented, self-centering piston mechanism. It offers the largest compliance volume and, therefore, the best vertical isolation of any compact isolators.

Ergonomic Mechanical Design

No more bulky canisters to impede instrument access, restrict arm positioning or crowd workspaces. BT’s hybrid-chamber design allows all vibration modules to be completely hidden within the platform. The BenchTop also minimizes fatigue. That’s because its low profile design adds only about two inches of height to your support surface. Add optional padded armrests - and you can work for hours with unparalleled ease.