Horizontal Vibration Isolation Made Easy

LIP275 isolator works in horizontal direction by utilizing ball bearings sandwiched between precision raceways, forming the plane of isolation. When the ball bearings displace and restore into their positions in raceways, they act like nonlinear springs that cut off the transmission of vibrations. The oscillating motion of the ball bearings have no "natural" frequency, therefore the resonance between the two halves of the isolation plane become physically impossible. As a result, the isolator filters out a broad band of input vibration frequencies and insures a constant level of vibration transmission reduction.

Get Accurate and Repeatable Measurements

LIP275 Series from Newport feature a sturdy, gray PVC platform sized from 8" x 10" to 12" x 22" (loads up to 52 lbs), with a non-stick neoprene surface supported by three or four vibration isolation bearings. These advanced isolation bearings are passive, mechanical bearings that employ Newport’s patented vibration isolation technology ( US Patent No. 6,517,060, 6,520,283 and foreign patents pending) - effectively protect precision lab balances and other sensitive equipment from ambient vibrations and mechanical shocks.

Affordable General Isolation Platforms

LIP175 features 4 of Newport's uniquely designed neoprene isolator feet. Those neoprene isolators are with special concentric rings with decreasing height, and as the payload increases, the rings are gradually engaged to improve isolation performance.

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