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Lens Mount Primer Kit, English, A-LINE
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A-Line™ Overview

A-Line™ Cube Beamsplitter Mount

Space Saving Design

Several A-Line self aligning optic mounts can be grouped on the same guide rod to save space. Shown are the LH-DB and UPA-CFC fiber adaptor, the LH-RMS with microscope objective and the LH-1A with lens.

Increased Stiffness for Reduced Vibration

A-Line™ lens holders are constrained both by the post/post holder as well as by the A-Line guide rod creating a "strong-box" structure that is significantly stiffer and less susceptible to vibration than individually post-mounted lenses.

D Keyed Guide Rods Align Lens Orientation

The "D" keyed rods have a precision flat surface which runs along the length of the rod providing a common reference surface for orienting the A-Line Mounts.

Mounts for a Wide Variety of Lens Sizes

A-Line™ lens mounts hold standard spherical lenses in sizes from Ø0.5 in. (12.7 mm) thru Ø3.0 in. (76.2 mm) as well as thin Ø1 in. and Ø30 mm lenses.

Efficient Design

All of these lens mounts have a thin-edge design and a large clear aperture. They are threaded at the base for optical post mounting and feature a guide-rod alignment hole for fast alignment.

A-Line Specialty Mounting Adaptors

A-Line™ Mount Adaptors are used for holding specialty optics like RMS-threaded Objectives, C-Mount Lenses or, 1 in. flat-edge optics like mirrors. The LH-RMS is used to mount microscope objectives and the LH-CMT is used to mount camera lenses with 1.00-32 threads. The LH-1DB can hold Ø1 in. mirrors or any of the UPA Series-1 in. adaptors. These mount adaptors all have the 6 mm guide rod alignment hole and have the same axis height as the LH-1A, -1T and -30M lens mounts. Please see accessory section for more info.

Use as Single Lens Mounts

Loose A-Line lens mounts make great individual lens mounts as well. Simply optical post mount them and use them like any other fixed lens mount.