Snap-in Design for Easy Assembly and Alignment

Most optic cage systems only use a closed-hole captive design for adapting optic carriers to the 4-rod cage structure. This restriction requires a nearly complete teardown of a cage system to simply add or remove a component. The open-slot design of OpticsCage+ allows optical elements to be inserted directly into an assembled cage without the need for disassembly.

OpticsCage+™ Primer Kit

OpticsCage+™ Primer Kit, OC1-A-PK, is an ideal solution for building multiple systems and knowing you will have the parts on-hand. Included in this kit are 23 different component part numbers and 41 parts. You'll be ready with lens holders, mirror mounts, a cube holder, guide rods, among them all. The specific parts can be viewed in the kit image or on the OC1-A-PK product webpage.

Large Selection of Fixed Optic Mounts

OpticsCage+™ Fixed Optic Mounts provide fixed mounting for 1 in. (25.4 mm) lenses, mirrors, and filters within the 4-rod optics cage structure. The OC1-LH1 fixed lens mount, the OC1-DB fixed mirror mount and OC1-FH filter mount can all be inserted easily into an assembled cage. The OpticsCage+ lens and filter mounts all have 1.035-40 optic mounting threads and the mirror mount has a double bored aperture for the mounting of mirrors and UPA series optic adaptors.

Larger Selection of Adjustable Optic Mounts

OpticsCage+™ Adjustable Optic Mounts provide adjustable mounting for 1 in. (25.4 mm) lenses, mirrors, polarizers, and other optic adaptors mounted within the 4-rod optics cage structure. The OC1-LH1-XY, OC1-LH1-XYZ, OC1-LH1-XYA, OC1-LH1-XYC lens mounts as well as the OC1-PR can be inserted in an assembled cage. The OC1-MM provides angular adjustment of a mirror and is designed for 90° beam routing within an optics cage structure. The OC1-PR is a two-piece polarizer rotator and has a full 360° manual adjustment. The OpticsCage+ lens mounts all have 1.035-40 optic mounting threads whereas the OC1-MM mirror mount has a double-bored aperture for mounting 1 in. diameter mirrors.

OpticsCage+™ Mounting Cubes

OpticsCage+™ Mounting Cube provides fixed mounting for prisms, beam splitters, filters and mirrors mounted within the 4-rod optics cage structure. The OC1-CM Mounting Cube can be inserted and clamped onto the end of an assembled cage. The OC1-CM-P Prism Mount, OC1-CM-F Beam Splitter/Filter Mount, and the OC1-CM-D Dichroic Mount, can be mounted within the OC1-CM using the OC1-CM-B base. The OC1-CMC cover plate can be attached to the top of the cube. The OpticsCage+ mounting cube has 1.035-40 optic mounting threads and can be clamped to the optics cage rods with the commonly-used 5/64th in. (2 mm) hex wrench.