Designed to be Reconfigured

Extended Range stages are designed with symmetrical features allowing them to be reconfigured in many different ways.  This video shows a 423 stage being reconfigured to have the micrometer accessible from the opposite side of the stage.  This is needed to allow the stage to be used for vertical travel but is also useful for improving adjustment accessibility.  Note, also, that the lock and the micrometer locations can be switched.

Ball-bearings Provide Smooth Linear Translation

Ball bearings in these stages reduce friction compared with rolling motion to guide linear translation. Although the guide ways are externally loaded to eliminate unwanted runout in the bearings, friction remains negligible to provide smooth travel over the entire range. The motion of each axis can easily be locked in place.

Multi-axis Configurations & Fast Integration Into Most Set-ups

Easily combine and stack these light-weight stages together for a multi-axis system. Newport 481 rotation stages and 360-90 mounting brackets are available for the addition of a vertical axis, as well as many other accessories that allow you to easily and quickly adapt these stages to your particular needs.

Compatible With Manual or Motorized Actuators

These stages are sold without actuators, allowing you to customize the translation for your desired precision. Actuators can be easily and quickly interchanged for any necessary adaptations after installation. Adjustment screws, Vernier micrometers, differential micrometers, and motorized actuators all fit the stainless steel actuator mounts on these stages.

Recommended Actuators

(M-)423 (M-)433 (M-)443(-4)
SM-13 x
SM-25 x x
SM-50 x x
AJS100-1 x x
AJS100-2 x x
DMH-1 x x
DM25-L x x
LTA-HS x x x