Motorized Linear Actuator Compatibility Guide

Many Newport manual positioning products can be motorized by using Newport motorized precision actuators. Once the manual positioner is chosen for an application, use the tables below to select the appropriate motorized actuator. Scroll down the tables grouped as Manual Linear Stages section, Manual Rotation and Tilt Stages section, and Manual Mirror Mounts section, locating your choice of a manual positioner. Then go across the rows to see compatible motorized actuator(s). To see the complete array of Newport motorized actuators, please refer to Motorized Linear Actuator Selection Guide.

Compatibility Key

  Fully compatible1
  Compatible but may require standard interface adaptor and/or include small performance limitation1
  Call your local sales office or contact us online (877-835-9620 in the U.S.)2
  Not compatible or recommended3
  1. In some cases, one must limit the travel range of actuators or the payload of the stage. Check out corresponding technical notes for TRA and TRB Series, PZA12, and LTA Series for more information.
  2. 'Yellow' may require custom interface adaptor or may include significant performance limitations in terms of travel length, load capacity and etc.
  3. For TRA or TRB series actuator, only one TRA or TRB model is chosen as "Green" in most cases due to the travel length requirement. (eg. TRA6 or TRA25 can still be compatible with 460A-X but not recommended as TRA12 is an ideal choice with its 12mm travel range).

Manual Linear Stages

NewStep NSA12 TRA6 & TRB6 TRA12 & TRB12 TRA25 & TRB25 LTA-HS LTA-HL Legacy PZA12
461-X-M 461 Series              
462-X-M 462 Series              
17-081-S 561 Series              
562-XYZ-98 562 & 562F Series              
UMR3.5 URM3.5              
UMR5.16 UMR5.16              
M-UMR8.25 UMR8.25              
M-UMR8.51 UMR8.51              
M-UMR12.40 UMR12.40              
M-UMR12.63 UMR12.63              
OM-SDS_Series-S-1 M-SDS25              
OM-SDS_Series-S-1 SDS40              
OM-SDS_Series-S-1 SDS65              
423 423              
433 433              
443 443              
426 426              
436 436              
460P-X-05 460P-05              
460P-X 460P              
460A-X 460A-X              
460A-XY 460A-XY              
460A-XZ 460A-XZ              
460A-XYZ 460A-XYZ              
401 401              
401 406              
MVN50 MVN50              
MVN80 MVN80              
MVN120 MVN120              

Manual Rotation and Tilt Stages

NewStep NSA12 TRA6 & TRB6 TRA12 & TRB12 TRA25 & TRB25 LTA-HS LTA-HL Legacy PZA12
OM-RS40 RS40              
MC-rs_40_65-S-L RS65              
481-A 481-A              
GON40-U GON40-U              
GON40-L GON40-L              
GON65-U GON65-U              
GON65-L GON65-L              
17-048-S 561-GON              
TGN80 TGN80              
TGN120 TGN120              
36 36              
37 37              

Mirror Mounts

NewStep NSA12 TRA6 & TRB6 TRA12 & TRB12 TRA25 & TRB25 LTA-HS LTA-HL Legacy PZA12
OM-mini_group_back-S SS050              
SS100-F2H SS100              
SU100-F2K SU100              
OM-mini_group_back-S SN050              
SN100C-F SN100              
SN200-F SN200              
SX100-F SX100              
SX200-F SX200              
U50-A U50-A              
U100-A-159 U100-A              
U200-A U200-A              
U300-A U300-A              
U100-AC U100-AC              
U200-AC U200-AC              
U300-AC U300-AC              
U400-AC U400-AC              
U100-ACG U100-ACG              
U50-G U50-G21              
U100-G U100-G              
U200-G U200-G              
HVM-1 HVM              
VGM-1 VGM-1N              
VGM-2 VGM-2N              
600A-2R 600A-2R              
600A-4R 600A-4R              
625-RC2 625-RC2              
625-RC4 625-RC4              
625-RC6 625-RC6              
605-2 605-2              
605-4 605-4              
OM-sl8abm-S SL8A              
OM-sl8abm-S SL15A              
OM-sl8abm-S SL20A              
SL25.4BD SL25.4              
SL50BM SL50              
SL51BM SL51              
SL76.2BM SL76.2              
SL101.6BM SL101.6              
OM-sb18yzbm-S SB18YZ              
BSD-2A BSD-2A