Crossed-Roller Bearings For High Load Capacity Over Longer Travel Ranges

With the additional mounting area on the 426/436 long-rage stages, crossed-roller bearings are used to provide a higher center load capacity while maintaining smooth travel over the entire 1 or 2 in travel. Actuators are spring supported for minimal backlash and achieve <150 µrad deviation, all of which is verified and assured by Newport’s Interferometric Quality Assurance Facility.

Preloaded crossed-roller bearings provide repeatable, zero stick-slip linear motion with negligible side-play. The roller strips hold cylindrical rollers alternately inclined 90° to assure constant linear contact with the hardened and ground ways.

Build Multi-Axis Stage Stacks

The stages are easily stacked and may also be combined with our Model 360-90 Angle Bracket for multi-axis translation. A non-influencing lock secures travel of each stage. The mounting area features an array of 1/4-20 or M6 tapped holes on either a solid platform, or one with a 2 in diameter aperture (Models 426A and 436A), which is un-obscured over 0.625 in. (16 mm) of travel.

Aperture Versions

We offer versions of these stages with an aperture in the center of the mounting plate. The Model 426A is shown with an SM-25 actuator which is ordered separately.

Compatible With Manual or Motorized Actuators

These stages are sold without actuators, allowing you to customize the translation for your desired precision. Actuators can be easily and quickly interchanged for any necessary adaptations after installation. Adjustment screws, Vernier micrometers, differential micrometers, and motorized actuators all fit the stainless steel actuator mounts on these stages in either a left- or right-handed configuration.