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Microscope Isolation Platform Guide

Newport's microscope isolation platforms are designed to match the footprint of Nikon, Olympus, Ziess, and Leica brand microscopes. This minimizes the workspace occupied by the isolation …

Technical Notes

Designing with VIB320 Vibration Isolation Bearings

Newport's VIB320 Series isolators utilize patented VIBe™ technology to attenuate the transmission of vibrations without the need for electronics, air hoses, compressor or other supporting …


Vision IsoStation User's Manual

The Vision IsoStation vibration isolated workstation provides an ideal working platform for vibration influenced devices such as interferometers, microscopes, and balances.


LIP Lab Isolation Platform

Newport's new LIP lab isolation platforms, part of the VIBe line of vibration isolation products, are ideal for applications that may require horizontal vibration isolation such as …


SmartTable OTS User's Manual

The Newport SmartTable® OTS™ Vibration Isolation Workstation provides an ideal working platform for vibration influenced devices such as interferometers, microscopes, and balances.


VIBe Series Isolation Platforms User's Manual

Introduction The VIBe vibration isolation baseplate from is a compact, effective and easyto-use platform that significantly reduces effect of disturbing environmental vibrations on …

Technical Notes

Vibration Control Technology Enables Critical Improvement in Microscopy Applications

High-resolution microscopy offers researchers and clinicians a powerful analytical tool to help uncover a variety of biological phenomena and processes. However, instruments of this …


Minimizing Drift

Drift is unwanted relative motion occurring between two points in the apparatus. For example, drift can arise between preparation and electrode, between electrode and amplifier headstage, …

Technical Articles

Effective Vibration Reduction Stabilizes Laser Beams - Laser Focus World

Optical tables and vibration isolation supports have become the de-facto standard for providing a stable environment for complex laser systems and their applications.

Technical Articles

Proper Load Distribution Ensures Stable Operation

With vibration-isolated platforms, questions of load distribution and static stability of pneumatic support systems are not always properly understood. This can create difficulties …


Custom Vibration Isolation Solutions

Our capabilities include custom shaped granite, honeycomb or Invar structures, nonmagnetic honeycomb tables, cleanroom and vacuum compatible structures with either broadband or tuned …

Technical Articles

Is Vibration Control Really Necessary for Microscopy? - BioPhotonics

Identifying and quantifying the potential noise sources in your lab are the first steps toward understanding what vibration control solutions may be required to achieve acceptable …


Vibration Control Catalog

For 50 years, Newport has been delivering high performance vibration control solutions to the world’s leading technology companies. Our portfolio of vibration isolation products and …

Technical Articles

Optical Table Basics: From Breadboards to Active Vibration Control Systems - Laser Focus World

Setting up an optical laboratory begins with specifying the optical table, a task more complex than it sounds. Understand your requirements before you place an order.


Vision IsoStation Brochure

The Vision IsoStation provides industry leading performance and more user friendly features and accessories than any other vibration isolation workstation. All of the features and accessories …

Technical Notes

Optics Based Research - The Need for Vibration Isolated Rigid Support Structures

Advanced equipment and processes have made it possible to investigate phenomena with dimensions measured in nanometers. For example, phase-shifting optical interferometers can now measure …

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Vibration Isolator Guide

Newport's broad offering of vibration isolation solutions includes active, passive, and elastomeric Vibration Isolators. Our S-2000 series pneumatic vibration isolator is the industry …


Integrity VCS Optical Tables User's Manual

The Newport Integrity VCS™ Vibration Control System provides an ideal working platform for vibration influenced devices such as interferometers, microscopes, and balances.


S-2000 Vibration Isolators and Optical Table Installation Manual

Our S-2000 Series Stabilizer™ pneumatic vibration isolators are the top performance optical table supports we offer.


Motion Control Brochure

Our high precision and high performance linear stages are the best in the industry, because we know how to manufacture excellence the way that you want it! From mid to long-travel, …