Selection Guide:
Microscope Isolation Platforms

Newport's microscope isolation platforms are designed to match the footprint of Nikon, Olympus, Ziess, and Leica brand microscopes. This minimizes the workspace occupied by the isolation platform. Our platforms are also designed to be very low profile and when installed under a microscope, raising the microscope by only 1 to 1-½ inches. These microscope isolation platforms are passive so they do not require a supply of compressed air or nitrogen.

Selecting a Microscope Isolation Platform

Microscope Platforms
Microscope Platforms
Microscope Platforms
Microscope Platforms
Nikon Logo olympusblue ZEISS_Logo_WithBorder Leica Logo Microsystems
Diaphot 200 or 300 BX41 or BX51 Axio Imager AM6000
E600FN BX51W Axio Imager 2 DM 5000B
ECLIPSE 50i or 55i BX51WI Axio Observer with CSU-X DM LM
ECLIPSE 80i or 90i IX71 or IX81 Axio Observer with LSM700 DM RB or RM
ECLIPSE E400 or E460 MX51 Axio Scope 40 DMI 6000
ECLIPSE E800 or E1000 MX61 Axiovert 200 DML Series
ECLIPSE Ni-E MX61L Axiovert S100 TV LMD6000
ECLIPSE Ti IX83 Palm System
ECLIPSE Ti-S, Ti-S/L100 or Ti-U/B
Epiphot 200 or 300
LV100D, LV150, or LV150A

Because our products are made to fit, you don't have to worry about added height or bulk that standard platforms would cause. Our custom platforms fit the base of your specific microscope model for a low profile, low weight solution to your vibration isolation needs.