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Installing Objective Lens and Pinhole into 910A Spatial Filter

The 910A Spatial Filter combines five-axis alignment with high stability for set-and-forget adjustment. This video shows how to install an M- Series objective lens and 910PH Series …

Technical Notes

Fundamentals of Spatial Filtering

Spatial filters provide a convenient way to remove random fluctuations from the intensity profile of a laser beam. This greatly improves resolution — which is especially critical for …

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Metallic Mirrors Guide by Wavelength

Newport offers a wide variety of metallic mirrors with different coatings and on different substrates.

Application Notes

Two-Dimensional (X-Y) Stiles-Crawford Effect

Dr. Philip Kruger at the State University of New York, College of Optometry, used 100 W Quartz Tungsten Halogen Oriel® Light Sources and Optical Accessories to build a system to measure …

Technical Notes

LED Characterization

Measurement techniques of the power, flux (equivalent to power but measured in units of lumens), and spectrum of LEDs is not very different from that of traditional light sources.

Technical Notes

Scattered Light and Stray Light in Diffraction Gratings

This Technical Note examines the causes of unwanted light from gratings and in spectrometers and describes how these forms of unwanted light are measured. The terminology of SRE is …

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Terahertz Optics Guide

Selecting the proper optic for a terahertz (THz) application is very important to the success of your project. Typically, terahertz wavelengths are defined as being in the 30 µm to …

Application Notes

Two-Photon Fluorescence Microscopy (2PF)

In 2PF, two photons are simultaneously absorbed to cause a higher energy electronic transition in a fluorescent molecule.

Technical Notes

Holographic Diffraction Gratings

Since the late 1960s, a method distinct from mechanical ruling has also been used to manufacture diffraction gratings. This method involves the photographic recording of a stationary …

Technical Notes

PZA12 Compatibility with Manual Positioners

Newport's PZA Ultra-High Resolution Actuator provides 12.5 mm travel with 50 N load capacity.

Technical Notes

Handling Diffraction Gratings

A diffraction grating is a first surface optic, so its surface cannot be touched or otherwise come in contact with another object without damaging it and perhaps affecting its performance. …

Technical Notes

How to Build a Beam Expander

Beam expansion or reduction is a common application requirement in most labs using lasers or light sources and optics. There are many ready-made beam expanders available on the market, …

Technical Notes

Optical Surfaces

The lens application drives the requirements for surface irregularity and surface quality. When preservation of wavefront is critical, λ/4 to λ/8 irregularity should be selected; when …

Technical Notes

Specifying Bandpass Filters

The first step toward developing a successful design of any optical interference filter having is an understanding of the operating environment of the filter. Parameters such as angle-of-incidence, …

Application Notes

Advanced Bioimaging Overview

Multiple advanced bioimaging techniques have been developed to improve the axial resolution and allow a true 3D representation of the sample to be reconstructed.

Technical Notes

Gaussian Beam Optics

The Gaussian has no obvious boundaries to give it a characteristic dimension like the diameter of the circular aperture, so the definition of the size of a Gaussian is somewhat arbitrary. …

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Optical Mirror Guide

Mirrors are probably the most commonly used optical elements in your lab, and their quality, performance, and reliability are key to the success of your experiment. That's why we provide …

Technical Notes

TRA and TRB Series Compatibility with Manual Positioners and Mounts

Newport's TRA & TRB series miniature motorized linear actuator are offered in 6 mm, 12 mm and 25 mm travel versions with 60 N or 90 N load capacity.

Technical Notes

Motorized Actuator Compatibility with Manual Mirror Mounts

This note details the compatibility of Newport motorized actuators with our manually adjusted mirror mounts.


Getting Light into a Monochromator

In this section we give a brief introduction to getting light into a monochromator, and how much you can expect to get out. While the emphasis is on coupling Oriel Light Sources to …