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Motion Controller & Driver, 1-Axis, Ethernet, RS232
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Motion Controller & Driver, 2-Axis, Ethernet, RS232
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Motion Controller & Driver, 3-Axis, Ethernet, RS232
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6 Weeks


  • Command Set
    100+ intuitive, 2 letter ASCII commands
  • Compensation
    Linear error and backlash compensation
  • Control Algorithm
    Digital PID servo loop with velocity and acceleration feed forward
  • Contouring
    2D Contouring with continuous buffer loading, Trapezoidal velocity profile, S-curve velocity profile
  • Drive Type
    2-phase stepper and Brush DC
  • Error Compensation
    Linear, Backlash
  • ESP Compatibility
    ESP Stage Detection
  • Motion
    Synchronized pt to pt, 3D Linear and 2D circular interpolation, Master-slave, Electronic Gathering
  • Motor Control
    16 bit DAC resolution, 5 MHz maximum encoder input frequency, Digital PIDFF servo loop, 0.4 ms update rate
  • Interface
    Touch Screen
  • Weight
    3 kg
  • Power Requirements
    115/230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Programming
    ASCII, LabView™, Newport ESP Utility, Store up to programs in either 64kB or 300kB non-volatile memory
  • Dimensions
    87 H x 223 W x 223 D mm
  • CE Certified


Integrated Drivers

The ESP302 controllers feature up to 3 integrated drivers for various stages. These drivers support 2-phase stepper or brush DC motors up to 3A, 48V per axis. Built-in drivers make the ESP302 controllers a space saving and cost effective choice.

User-Friendly Front Panel

ESP302 includes a user-friendly LCD touch-screen front panel interface providing an intuitive menu system from which you can execute motion programs, initiate manual moves, and configure operating parameters. Positions for all axes are displayed on the LCD screen.  This allows users to perform nearly all functions without connecting to a computer.

Website Interface

Through its 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet port, the ESP302 offers a website interface for users to control its most common features and functions. This high-speed interface is compatible with Windows 7 and above, is independent from the user's operating system and does not require specific software on the host PC.

Plug-and-Play with ESP Compatible Stages

When an ESP-compatible stage is connected to the ESP302 controller, the stage is quickly recognized and operating parameters are configured without the need for user inputs. This Plug-and-Play feature is not only transparent to the user, but it also ensures the safe operation of the stage.

Functional Motion Capabilities

The ESP302 controllers include a variety of motion capabilities: Slaving (joystick or other stage), Jogging, Point-to-Point, Grouping, Trapezoidal Velocity Profile, S-Curve Velocity Profile, Backlash Compensation, and Linear Compensation. These motion features make the ESP302 well-rounded controllers that can handle common motion tasks.

Example error before (left) and after (right) compensation

Standard Communication Protocols

The ESP302 offers 2 widely-used communication protocols for computer interfacing. Standard Ethernet and RS-232-C communication link is used for easy computer interfacing. An optional IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface adapter can be used for high speed parallel communication.


In addition to Newport stages, the ESP302 controllers can be configured to support third-party motors. Additional customization can be done for various OEM applications. For this please contact your local salesperson for more information.

Simple Programming with Extensive Language Options

The ESP302 controllers simplify complex motions by using mnemonic ASCII commands, a powerful programming language with over 100 commands. The controller's flash memory allows for storage of up to 100 user-defined ASCII programs then executed without a host computer. Please note that we provide .net assembly files that are compatible with most programming languages, PYTHON, LabVIEW, MATLAB, etc.

Motion Commands with Digital I/O

For internal or external event synchronization, the ESP302 controllers have 16 bi-directional digital I/O which can be user programmed as inputs or outputs. When configured as inputs, they can be used to execute a program or stop a motion. When configured as outputs, they can monitor the status of a motion to provide a hardware interface for external equipment. An additional watchdog timer and remote interlock are supplied as an invaluable safety feature.

Stage and Actuator Compatibility

ESP302 3-Axis Motion Controller and Driver is compatible with the motorized stages and actuators from the product series listed below. For more details, please see the Stage and Controller Compatibility technical note or the motorized stage's or actuator's series page.

Motorized Linear Stages

Motorized Rotation Stages

Motorized Vertical Linear Stages

Motorized Actuators