Motion Controller & Driver, 3-Axis, Ethernet, RS232

  • Command Set
    100+ intuitive, 2 letter ASCII commands
  • Compensation
    Linear error and backlash compensation
  • Computer Interfaces
    Ethernet, RS-232
  • Control Algorithm
    Digital PID servo loop with velocity and acceleration feed forward
  • Contouring
    2D Contouring with continuous buffer loading, Trapezoidal velocity profile, S-curve velocity profile
  • Drive Type
    2-phase stepper and Brush DC
  • Error Compensation
    Linear, Backlash
  • ESP Compatibility
    ESP Stage Detection
  • Motion
    Synchronized pt to pt, 3D Linear and 2D circular interpolation, Master-slave, Electronic Gathering
  • Motor Control
    16 bit DAC resolution, 5 MHz maximum encoder input frequency, Digital PIDFF servo loop, 0.4 ms update rate
  • Number of Axis
  • Interface
    Touch Screen LCD Display
  • Weight
    3 kg
  • Programming
    ASCII, LabView™, Web Utility, ~300kB of user program non-volatile memory
  • Dimensions
    87 H x 223 W x 223 D (mm)