Motion Controller, Single-axis DC Motor

  • Command Set
    40+ intuitive, 2 letter ASCII commands. Command set includes software limits, user units, synchronized motion start, stop all
  • Computer Interfaces
    RS-232-C with 57,600 baud rate, USB compatible with external adapter SMC-USB (requires Windows™ operating system), RS-485 internal link for chaining up to 31 controllers from the same COM port
  • Control Algorithm
    PI Position, PIDFF Velocity, PIDFF Acceleration, PIDDualFF Voltage, Variable PID's, Derivative Cut-off Filter, Notch Filters, or Open Loop
  • Drive Type
    DC Servo
  • ESP Compatibility
    ESP Stage Detection
  • Motion
    Point to Point, S-gamma profile with accel and jerk time control, Continuous jog
  • Motor Control
    48 VDC @ 1.5 A rms, 3 A peak, 100 kHz PWM switching frequency
  • Number of Axis
  • Interface
    2-Color LED
  • Dimensions
    161 x 140 x 33 mm