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Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, 100 mm Travel, DC Motor, UTS
2 Weeks
2 Weeks
Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, 100 mm Travel, Stepper Motor, UTS
5 Weeks
5 Weeks
Motorized Linear Stage, Stepper, 100 mm Travel, Vacuum Compatible
Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, 150 mm Travel, DC Motor, UTS
2 Weeks
2 Weeks
Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, 150 mm Travel, Stepper Motor, UTS
6 Weeks
6 Weeks
Motorized Linear Stage, Stepper, 150 mm Travel, Vacuum Compatible
Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, 50 mm Travel, DC Motor, UTS
2 Weeks
2 Weeks
Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, 50 mm Travel, Stepper Motor, UTS
In Stock
In Stock
Motorized Linear Stage, Stepper, 50 mm Travel, Vacuum Compatible



All Steel Construction

UTS series linear stages feature all-steel construction with preloaded linear ball bearing slides. Steel has an almost 3-times greater stiffness than aluminum, and provides the UTS stages comparable stiffness to the popular ILS series, but in a much more compact and significantly lower profile package. The homogenous steel design minimizes thermal stress and eliminates bi-metal bending effects of aluminum stages. The result is more consistent performance than other aluminum stage designs.

Plug and Play ESP Motion Controller Compatible

The UTS is an ESP compatible stage. When connected to a Newport controller, it is quickly recognized and its operating parameters are configured without the need for user input, facilitating the startup and usability of the UTS. This Plug and Play feature is not only transparent to the use, but it also ensures the safe operation of the stage.

Vacuum Compatible Versions

UTS series stages are offered in vacuum compatible versions up to 10-6 hPa

XY and XYZ Stage Stacks and Table Mounting

Newport's standard motorized stages and components can be easily combined to create multi-axis systems. This video demonstrates how to assemble a table-mounted 2-axis (XY) and 3-axis (XYZ) system with 100-mm travel UTS stages, a right-angle bracket and other accessories. The same steps may be applied to 50-mm and 150-mm travel versions of UTS stages.

Diamond-Corrected Lead Screw Drive

Precision motion is provided by a diamond-corrected lead screw and a matched, lapped nut to enable high vertical load capacity and to ensure high position stability even at power-off. The precision nut includes anti-backlash preloading and a sophisticated decoupling system that prevents lead screw eccentricity errors from affecting stage movement.

Economical Stepper Motor Version

The stepper motor version is a cost-effective solution for less demanding applications. When used with our XPS, ESP301, or SMC100PP controllers with high micro-stepping capability, low-noise operation and very small incremental motions are guaranteed. Position is attained by the number of commanded steps and micro-steps. For this purpose, the stepper motor is directly attached to the lead screw with a proprietary bellow coupling with high-torsion stiffness and no gear or belt drive in between. The high output torque of the stepper motor also minimizes the risk of lost steps and provides optimum motion sensitivity with good linearity between commanded micro-steps and the actual motion of the stage.

DC Motor Version with Integrated Ultra-High Resolution Encoder

The DC motor version features an ultra-high resolution 20,000 cts/rev rotary encoder with index pulse for precision homing and is the recommended choice for applications requiring accurate bi-directional positioning. For tightest position control, the rotary encoder is directly mounted on the lead screw. This eliminates the majority of drive train error sources that affect other stages with indirect position read-out. The high-torque DC motor provides the highest dynamic speed control and allows for linear speeds up to 40 mm/s. An 11:4 belt reduction between the motor and the lead screw increases the available output torque, reduces the servo sensitivity and ensures 0.3 µm incremental motion capability with all Newport motion controllers and drivers.

Metrology Report Included at No Additional Cost

Newport guarantees specification values which are measured and recorded following ASME B5.57 and ISO 230-2 standards. The typical performance values are two times better than the guaranteed specifications.

UTS Stage Load Characteristics