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Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, Stepper Motor, 100 mm Travel, M4 and M6
Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, Stepper Motor, 100 mm Travel, Vacuum, M4 & M6
Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, Stepper Motor, 200 mm Travel, M4 and M6
3 Weeks
3 Weeks
Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, Stepper Motor, 200 mm Travel, Vacuum, M4 & M6
Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, Stepper Motor, 300 mm Travel, M4 and M6
Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, Stepper Motor, 300 mm Travel, Vacuum, M4 & M6

Closed-loop DC Motor and Brushless DC Motor versions are also available.



Economical Micro-stepping Stepper Motor

For less demanding applications, a stepper motor can be a more economical solution than a DC motor. A stepper motor operates using the basic principle of magnetic attraction and repulsion, converting digital pulses into mechanical shaft rotation. To improve the resolution and smoothness of motion, the MTN-PP and MTN-PPV6 feature micro-stepping, a method of electronically dividing a full-step of motion into a high number of partial steps.

Basic working principle of a micro-stepping stepper motor

MTN Motor Options

MTN Series stages are available with Stepper, DC, or Brushless DC motors.

  • Stepper Motor (MTN-PP): Stepper Motors are a lower cost alternative to DC motor systems for less demanding applications. Micro-stepping is used to improve resolution and smoothness of motion.
  • DC Motor (MTN-CC): DC Motors are best characterized by their high speeds, smooth motion, good efficiency and a high power/weight ratio.  They are preferable to stepper motor stages for applications requiring high dynamic speed and tight repeatability.
  • Brushless DC Motor (MTN-BLHS): Brushless DC Motors offer faster speed and finer repeatability than standard DC motors. They are designed for applications that require moving heavy loads with high speed and repeatability
MTN-PP (Stepper Motor) MTN-CC (DC Motor) MTN-BLHS (Brushless DC Motor)
Travel Range (mm) 100 / 200 / 300 100 / 200 / 300 100 / 200 / 300
Maximum Speed (mm/s) 40 100 250
Minimum Incremental Motion (nm) 100 600 300
Uni-directional Repeatability, Guaranteed (µm) ±0.75 ±0.75 ±0.3
Bi-directional Repeatability, Typical (Guaranteed) (µm) ±1.75 (±2.75) ±0.75 (±1.5) ±0.3 (±0.5)
Accuracy, Typical (Guaranteed) (µm) ±1.5 (±2.5) / ±2.0 (±2.5) / ±2.5 (±3.0) ±1.5 (±2.5) / ±2.0 (±2.5) / ±2.5 (±3.0) ±2.0 (±4.0)

All Steel Stage Body

The all steel construction allows for extreme stiffness and thermal stability. Because the entire body is made from steel, bi-metallic bending effects and errors are eliminated. Among the all steel linear stages, the MTN boasts the highest load capacity at 100 kg.

Diamond-Corrected Lead Screw and Precision-Lapped Nut

Recirculating ball bearings ensure better dynamics and lifetime, as well as equal axial load capacity in both directions.

Non-migrating Ball Cage Design

The non-migrating ball cage design eliminates cage drift, particularly in vertical applications, to enhance reliability.

Vacuum Compatible Versions

The MTN-PPV6 are the vacuum compatible versions of the MTN stepper motor stage. They can be used in a vacuum environment down to 10-6 Torr. Their performance is the same as their corresponding MTN-PP stepper motor stage, except that the maximum speed is 20 mm/sec and centered load capacity is 100 N.

Multi-Axis Stage Stacks and Table Mounting

For XY configurations of MTN stages, use the M-CAP-M61 captive screws. The same screws can also be used for bolting MTN stages directly to custom mounting surfaces via thru-holes at the carriage. For mounting MTN stages to optical tables, please use the MTN-BP base plate.

Individual Stage Metrology Report is Included

Newport guarantees specification values which are measured and recorded following ASME B5.57 and ISO 230-2 standards. The typical performance values are two times better than the guaranteed specifications.

MTN Stage Load Characteristics

Compatible Controllers

Compatible motion controllers for these stepper motor driven stages are shown below: