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Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, Brushless DC Motor, 100 mm Travel, M4 and M6
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Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, Brushless DC Motor, 200 mm Travel, M4 and M6
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5 Weeks
Motorized Linear Stage, Steel, Brushless DC Motor, 300 mm Travel, M4 and M6
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Closed-loop DC Motor and Stepper Motor versions are also available.



All Steel Stage Body

The all steel construction allows for extreme stiffness and thermal stability. Because the entire body is made from steel, bi-metallic bending effects and errors are eliminated. Among the all steel linear stages, the MTN boasts the highest load capacity at 100 kg.

Brushless DC Motor Drive

For even faster speed and finer repeatability, Newport offers a brushless DC motor version of the MTN. Its centered load capacity of 1000 N is the same as the other types of MTN stages - Stepper and DC versions. To provide the high power required to drive the brushless DC motor, an XPS controller with XPS-EDBL amplifier must be used to control this stage. (Note: the brushless DC motor is not ESP-compatible.)

Ball Screw Design

Ball screw ensures better dynamics and lifetime, as well as equal axial load capacity in both directions.

Non-migrating Ball Cage Design

The non-migrating ball cage design eliminates cage drift, particularly in vertical applications, to enhance reliability.

Multi-Axis Stage Stacks and Table Mounting

For XY configurations of MTN stages, use the M-CAP-M61 captive screws. The same screws can also be used for bolting MTN stages directly to custom mounting surfaces via thru-holes at the carriage. For mounting MTN stages to optical tables, please use the MTN-BP base plate.

Individual Stage Metrology Report is Included

Newport guarantees specification values which are measured and recorded following ASME B5.57 and ISO 230-2 standards. The typical performance values are two times better than the guaranteed specifications.

MTN Stage Load Characteristics