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GPIB to Serial Adapter, ESP302 Motion Controller
Serial Communications Adapter, Serial Port to RS232, ESP302 Motion Controller
Serial Cable Adapter, Serial Port to RS232, 1.2 m, ESP302 Motion Controller
19 in. Rack Mount Brackets, ESP302 Motion Controller


Adapter for ESP302 Serial Port to GPIB Instrument

The ESP302-GPIB-ADPT adapter is an add-on to be used with ESP302 controller enabling communication from customer's GPIB controller/instrument to the ESP302 serial interface. An ESP302-CAB-1.2 cable (sold separately) is needed to connect the ESP302-GPIB-ADPT to the serial port of ESP302 controller.

Adapters for ESP302 Serial Port to RS232

Two options are available for converting the signals of the 15-pin D-SUB-HD connector of the ESP302 controller to a 9-pin D-SUB RS232 serial port connection. The ESP302-RS232 is an adapter which connects to the rear of an ESP302 controller. Additionally, the ESP302-CAB-1.2 is a 1.2-m cable adapter, which takes less space on the rear of the ESP302 controller than the ESP302-RS232 adapter does.

Rack Mounting Brackets

The ESP302 controllers can be mounted into standard 19-inch racks. The ESP302-R kit contains brackets and handles to enable front or rear rack mounting.