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Motorized Vertical Stage, Compact, 4.8 mm, DC Servo with Tachometer, M3 and M4
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In Stock
Motorized Vertical Stage, Compact, 4.8 mm, DC Servo with Tachometer, 4-40 and 8-32


  • Travel Range
    4.8 mm
  • Minimum Incremental Motion
    60 nm
  • Maximum Speed
    5 mm/s
  • Centered Load Capacity
    50 N
  • Accuracy, Typical
    ±0.6 µm
  • Accuracy, Guaranteed
    ±1.5 µm
  • Bi-directional Repeatability, Typical
    ±0.10 µm
  • Bi-directional Repeatability, Guaranteed
    ±0.25 µm
  • Uni-directional Repeatability, Typical
    ±0.06 µm
  • Uni-directional Repeatability, Guaranteed
    ±0.15 µm
  • Drive Screw Pitch
    1 mm
  • Reduction Gear
  • Encoder Resolution
    0.0196 µm
  • Limit Switches
  • Origin
    Optical, centered
  • Origin Repeatability
    ±0.1 µm
  • Connectors
    DB25 Male
  • Pitch, Typical
    ±30 µrad
  • Pitch, Guaranteed
    ±50 µrad
  • Compliance in Pitch
    45 µrad/Nm
  • Roll, Typical
    ±30 µrad
  • Roll, Guaranteed
    ±100 µrad
  • Compliance in Roll
    50 µrad/Nm
  • Yaw, Typical
    ±30 µrad
  • Yaw, Guaranteed
    ±50 µrad
  • Compliance in Yaw
    10 µrad/Nm
  • Cable Length
    1.5 m
  • Thread Type
    4-40 and 8-32 or M3 and M4 (M- version)
  • Weight
    2.4 kg
  • MTBF
    20,000 h (25% load, 10% duty cycle)
  • RoHS


Build Low Profile XYZ Stage Stacks

Ultra low-profile precision XYZ system consisting of two VP-25XA linear stages and one VP-5ZA vertical translation stage. Compared to traditional stacks of stages, this solution offers a lower-profile alternative with easy access to the load from any direction.

Keep Payload Over the Bearings

The lifting approach of the VP-5ZA allows centering of the payload over the bearings and close to the position feedback. This avoids any cantilevered loads that cause angular deformations and results in more precise motion with a higher load capacity.

A VP-5ZA stage mounted on top of an ILS High-Performance Mid-Range Travel Linear Stage with optional VP-BP base plate.

Efficient Inclined Plane Design

Using a unique arrangement of two wedges which move past each other via inclined, recirculating ball bearings and 2 pairs of vertically mounted double-row linear ball bearing slides result in pure vertical motion.

Broad Stage Compatibility

A pattern of threaded holes on the top plate provides compatibility with the VP-25X linear stages and other Newport positioning products. A standard 3-point mounting interface for a wafer chuck is provided as well. For mounting the VP-5ZA to optical tables or to the ILS linear stages, use the optional base plate VP-BP. Manual vertical adjustments can be conveniently made using a flat screw driver.

High Torque DC Motor

An efficient, high torque DC motor with a precision preloaded, long-life, ball screw ensures high speed motion with minimum settling time. A high-resolution linear scale is directly attached to the moving rail, eliminating all drive-train induced motion errors. In addition, the space-saving, fixed read head design avoids any moving cables. The result is a robust and long lasting stage with an MTBF of 20,000 hours.

Compatible Controllers

Compatible motion controllers for the VP-5ZA stage are:

See our Stage-Controller Compatibility technical note for complete stages and controllers compatibility.