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Motorized Linear Stage, 70 mm Travel, High Torque DC Motor, M4 and M6
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In Stock
Motorized Linear Stage, 150 mm Travel, High Torque DC Motor, M4 and M6
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Precision Encoder Feedback

Using an optical scale with exceptional 50-nm resolution that is mounted in the center of the stage, drive-train induced errors are mitigated. The fixed read-head design reduces the hassle of internal moving cables.

GTS stages deliver 100 nm motion sensitivity with high reliability and stability.

Long-Term Strength and Stability

GTS stages are machined from stress-relieved 7075 aluminum for long-term strength and stability. All critical stage surfaces undergo multiple machining processes and precision grinding under strict temperature and quality control. The advanced asymmetric body design with defined flexible preload provides consistent results over varying temperatures and is most insensitive to non-ideal mounting surfaces. The extra thin and compliant T-shape carriage has been optimized for different load conditions including XY configurations and for providing a high vertical load capacity.

Anti-Creep Crossed Roller Bearings

To ensure the most accurate trajectory control, GTS stages feature matched pairs of best-in-class anti-creep crossed roller bearings. The absence of recirculating elements in these bearings leads to outstanding ripple-free motion adequate for the most demanding scanning and inspection systems. Moreover, the geared retainers prevent bearing cage migration, which can occur with other linear bearing products.

Ultra-Smooth Motion

The combination of a high-torque DC motor and precision ground and preloaded, low-friction ball screw eliminates stick-slip effects to deliver ultra-smooth motion with 100-nm MIM. Compared to alternative direct-drive technologies, GTS stages can be used in vertical applications with loads up to 25 N without complex counter-balance equipment. Manual adjustments can be made using a knob at the end of the motor.

Error Mapping Services

For critical positioning applications, Newport offers error mapping upon request for GTS series stages driven by our XPS advanced motion controller. We will measure, implement, and verify the results of this error map that will individually optimize each stage's position accuracy. In addition, multi-axis error mapping is also available. Measurements are made at 20.0 ±0.2 °C. A certificate of calibration will be provided with your stage. Actual data may also be provided upon request.

Metrology Report Included at No Additional Cost

Newport guarantees specification values which are measured and recorded following ASME B5.57 and ISO 230-2 standards. The typical performance values are two times better than the guaranteed specifications.

GTS Stage Load Characteristics

Multi-Axis Assemblies

Newport's standard motorized stages and components can be easily combined to create hundreds of possible multi-axis systems with precise alignments. Shown below are examples of assemblies with GTS Series stages and other standard motorized stages. Upon special request, Newport can assemble stages with guaranteed alignment.

XYZ Assembly

A GTS150 linear stage (X-axis), a GTS70 linear stage (Y-axis) and a GTS30V vertical stage (Z-axis) mounted directly to each other for high accuracy and resolution in three axes of linear motion.

XY-Θz Assembly

A GTS150 linear stage (X-axis), a GTS70 linear stage (Y-axis) and a URS100 rotation stage (Θz angle) mounted directly to each other for high accuracy and resolution in two axes of linear motion and one axis of rotary motion.

Compatible motion controllers for these DC motor driven stages are: