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Motorized Rotation Stage, DC Motor, Continuous 360° Motion, URS50
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precision motorized rotation stage model urs75bcc
Motorized Rotation Stage, DC Motor, Continuous 360° Motion, URS75
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Motorized Rotation Stage, DC Motor, Continuous 360° Motion, URS100
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Motorized Rotation Stage, DC Motor, Continuous 360° Motion, URS150

Stepper Motor and CONEX Controller versions are also available.



Tilted Worm Screw

The tilted worm screw arrangement allows for 4 symmetric mounting holes as compared to other designs that only feature 2 or 3 mounting holes. This enables the URS-B stages to provide better support of higher or off-centered loads. Additionally, the flexible preloading system for the worm gear was improved to guarantee a backlash free operation.

URS50CPP Top View

High Torque DC Motor with Ultra-High Resolution Feedback

The URS75BCC, URS100BCC and URS150BCC feature an ultra-high resolution 8,000 cts/rev rotary encoder with index pulse for precision homing and are recommended for applications requiring accurate bi-directional positioning. For the tightest position control, the rotary encoder is mounted directly on the worm screw. This eliminates most of the possible error sources associated with indirect read feedback devices. The high torque of some DC motor versions provides the highest dynamic speed range and allows for rotating speeds up to 80°/sec. The URS50BCC is the smallest version, and its motor encoder feature provides a very compact and easy to integrate version which can rotate up to 20°/s with 100 N maximum load capacity.

CONEX Controller Version

Newport also offers a version of the DC motor, 25.7-mm aperture rotary stage with integrated CONEX controller, the CONEX-URS50BCC. For out-of-the box control, the CONEX controller is preconfigured and delivered with the URS50BCC stage.

Proprietary Ball Bearings

All URS-B rotation stages feature a proprietary ball bearing to provide a low-profile compact stage with exceptional stiffness, high reliability and low wobble and eccentricity.

Limit Switches

Except for the URS50 version, all URS stages feature adjustable limit switches to prevent over travel.

Metrology Report Included at No Additional Cost

Newport guarantees specification values which are measured and recorded following ASME B5.57 and ISO 230-2 standards. The typical performance values are two times better than the guaranteed specifications.

URS Stage Load Characteristics

Compatible Controllers

Compatible motion controllers for these stepper motor driven stages are: