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Motorized Rotation Stage, Stepper, Continuous 360° Motion, URS50
Motorized Rotation Stage, Vacuum Compatible, Stepper, URS50
Motorized Rotation Stage, Stepper, Continuous 360° Motion, URS75
Motorized Rotation Stage, Vacuum, Stepper Motor, URS75
Motorized Rotation Stage, Stepper, Continuous 360° Motion, URS100
Motorized Rotation Stage, Stepper, Continuous 360° Motion, URS150

DC Motor versions are also available.



Tilted Worm Screw

The tilted worm screw arrangement allows for 4 symmetric mounting holes as compared to other designs that only feature 2 or 3 mounting holes. This enables the URS-B stages to provide better support of higher or off-centered loads. Additionally, the flexible preloading system for the worm gear was improved to minimize backlash during operation.

URS50CPP Top View

Economical Micro-stepping Stepper Motor

The stepper motor version is a more economical version for less demanding applications. When used with motion controllers with high micro-step capability, like the XPS or ESP30x, low noise operation and very small incremental motions are guaranteed. The stepper motor versions do not use encoder feedback, but reach a position by the number of commanded steps and microsteps. For this purpose, the stepper motor is directly attached to the worm screw using a proprietary bellows coupling that has a high torsional stiffness, eliminating the need for a gear or belt drive. The high output torque of the stepper motor minimizes the risk of lost steps and provides good linearity between commanded microsteps and the actual motion of the stage.

Basic working operation of a micro-stepping stepper motor

Vacuum Compatible Versions

The URS50BPPV6 and URS75BPPV6 are vacuum compatible versions of the URS series stepper motor stage. They can be used in vacuum environment down to 10-6 hPa.

Proprietary Ball Bearings

All URS-B rotation stages feature a proprietary ball bearing to provide a low-profile compact stage with exceptional stiffness, high reliability and low wobble and eccentricity.

Limit Switches

Except for the URS50 version, all URS stages feature adjustable limit switches to prevent over travel.

Metrology Report Included at No Additional Cost

Newport guarantees specification values which are measured and recorded following ASME B5.57 and ISO 230-2 standards. The typical performance values are two times better than the guaranteed specifications.

URS Stage Load Characteristics

URS Vacuum Compatible Stage Load Characteristics

Compatible motion controllers for these stepper motor driven stages are:

* Minimum incremental motion of URS50CPP is 1.125 mdeg with SMC100PP controller.
   Minimum incremental motion of URS-BPP is 1.0 mdeg with SMC100PP controllers.
   Speed of URS-CPP and URS-BPPV6 will be reduced to 40% of specified speed in datasheet with SMC controller.