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PR50CC DC Servo 20°/s 20 mdeg
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SR50CC DC Servo 4°/s 4.0 mdeg
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URS50BCC DC Servo 20°/s 1.0 mdeg
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Compact Controller and Stage

In terms of size, the CONEX-CC controller is comparable to a deck of cards. Depending on the motor type, up to 3 CONEX-PP or 6 CONEX-CC can fit on a CONEX-BP baseplate. Both controller and stage are compact and ideal for space-confined or access-limited applications. Newport also offers the stand alone version of these Low Profile Rotation Stages.

Scalable Architecture

The CONEX rotation units can be connected via daisy chain to create either multi-axis DC systems or multi-axis PP systems. For added convenience, the power can be shared with up to 5 CONEX-CC modules using the optional CONEX-PS-CB power chain cable. This allows for a convenient low cost multi-axis system. Additionally, analog and digital inputs can be implemented into the controller through the CONEX-IOD.

Out-of-the-box Control

For out-of-the box control, the CONEX controller is preconfigured and delivered with the motion device. To start moving a sample or sensor, it simply requires plugging in the power supply, connecting the USB communication and starting the free motion GUI.

Linear Amplifier in DC Units

The low-noise linear amplifier of the CONEX-CC provides the optimum drive solution for low-power DC motors; delivering smoother motion, with less electrical noise and significantly less motor heating.

Stage Variety

3 different rotation stages are available to choose from to address critical parameters that fit a variety of applications. For example, the MIM differs between stages ranging from 0.001° to 0.02°. On the other hand, speed ranges from 4 °/s to 20 °/s.

Simple Programming with Extensive Language Options

Advanced application programming is simplified by using mnemonic ASCII commands. Newport provides a free GUI that allows the user to access and execute over 60 intuitive ASCII commands. Alternatively, additional drivers are available for LabVIEW™ as well as communication DLL’s for other languages.

USB Communication with PC

Communication with the CONEX controller and PC is achieved via the integrated USB interface, providing a fast ubiquitous communication protocol. For OEM's or security sensitive applications, RS-232 and RS-485 are embedded onto the controller.

Complete Your Conex System

CONEX-PS is an essential need to supply power to your Conex-CC devices and it is purchased separately. The supplied power can be shared by modules using the optional CONEX-PS-CB power chain cable; one cable is included in this kit and additional cables can be purchased separately..

We also offer the CONEX-BP base plate which is used to securely mount up to 6 CONEX-CC or up to 3 CONEX-PP motion controllers to save you space and bring you convenience.