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Motorized Goniometer, Lower, Direct Encoder Feedback, CONEX™ Controller
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Motorized Goniometer, Upper, Direct Encoder Feedback, CONEX™ Controller
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Build Tip-Tilt Platforms

Compact CONEX-AG-GON goniometric cradles have their rotation axis above the mounting platform for easy access and provides very compact tip-tilt platform when both upper(-UP) and lower(-LP) models are stacked.

Simple and Intuitive CONEX™ Software

The controller comes with the familiar CONEX GUI, simple and intuitive to use and conveniently accessible via USB, which also supplies power to the controller. For out-of-the box control, the CONEX-AGP controller is preconfigured and delivered with an AG-GON-UP(LP) goniometric cradle. The CONEX-AGP closed-loop algorithm is a simplified version of the typical DC servo loop algorithm, and combined with the direct read encoder. For stability in-position, the user can adjust the deadband parameter that stops dithering when the stage is within a set position tolerance. 

USB Communication with PC

Communication with the CONEX controller and PC is achieved via the integrated USB interface, providing a fast, ubiquitous communication protocol. Additionally, the USB also supplies power to the controller. For OEMs or security-sensitive applications, RS-232 and RS-485 are embedded onto the controller.

Simple Programming with Extensive Language Options

Advanced application programming is simplified by using mnemonic ASCII commands. Newport provides a free GUI that allows the user to access and execute over 60 intuitive ASCII commands. Alternatively, additional drivers are available for other languages including LabVIEW™ drivers and communication DLL’s.

Complete Your Conex System

CONEX-PS is an essential need to supply power to your Conex devices and it is purchased separately. 

We also offer the CONEX-BP base plate which is used to securely mount up to 6 CONEX-AGP motion controllers to save you space and bring you convenience.