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Motorized Rotation Stage, Compact, 360°, 20°/s, DC Servo Motor
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8 Weeks
Motorized Rotation Stage, Compact, 360°, 4°/s, DC Servo Motor
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Stepper Motor and CONEX Controller versions are also available.



SR50 Series Stages

The SR50CC stage features minimum incremental motion of 0.004°. The DC motor is folded inside the stage body to give an extremely small footprint for a stage at this level of precision. The stage is equipped with a hardware origin, allowing the stage to return to a reference home position to within 0.01°. It can run in continuous rotation mode. Stepper motor version SR50PP is also available. 

PR50 Series Stages

The PR50CC stage is a cost-efficient alternative to the SR50CC for applications that do not require the high-resolution and precision of the SR50, or for applications that could benefit from higher speeds up to 20°/s. This DC Servo stage features angular resolution of 0.02° and is equipped with a hardware origin, allowing for continuous rotation of 360°. Stepper motor version PR50PP is also available.

Vertical Mounting

The optional EQ45 bracket can be used for vertical mounting of a PR50 or SR50 stage.

Two PR50 stages with an EQ45.

CONEX Controller Versions

Newport also offers versions of the DC servo motor rotation stages with integrated CONEX motion controller. For out-of-the box control, the CONEX controller is preconfigured and delivered with the rotation stage.

Central Aperture

The central aperture of SR50 and PR50 stages is 1.063-20 threaded. Each stage is shipped with two retaining rings to allow mounting of any Ø25.4 mm diameter optics within the aperture. Four M3 holes allow for attachment of custom top plates.

SR50 with its two retaining rings

Proprietary Ball Bearing Design

The lightweight, low profile design incorporates an aluminum body with pre-loaded ball bearings. This proprietary ball bearing design provides smooth rotation with minimal wobble. A precision ground worm gear produces consistent driving torque to the rotating carriage and eliminates variations in motor current.

Metrology Report Included at No Additional Cost

Newport guarantees specification values which are measured and recorded following ASME B5.57 and ISO 230-2 standards. The typical performance values are two times better than the guaranteed specifications.

SR50 Load Characteristics

PR50 Series Load Characteristics

Compatible motion controllers for these DC servo stages are: