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Piezo Rotation Stage, 1 inch, Agilis™
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Motorized Rotation Stage, Piezo, 1.0 in., Vacuum Compatible, Agilis™
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  • Optic Diameter
    25.4 mm
  • Maximum Speed
    2 °/s
  • Minimum Incremental Motion
    5 µrad
  • Graduations
    2 °
  • Transverse Stiffness
    100 µrad
  • Cable Length
    1.2 m
  • Operating Temperature
    +10 to +35 ˚C
  • Weight
    135 g
  • Retaining Ring Thread


Lightweight and Compact

The AG-PR100 is an ideal, cost-effective solution to making fine rotational adjustments of optical components and small samples. The ultra-compact and light weight AG-PR100 and CONEX-AG-PR100P rotation stages feature 1 inch apertures with retaining rings and are ideal for continuous rotation of waveplates and polarizers.

Vacuum Compatible Version

We offer a version of the Agilis rotation stage with the stage and cable vacuum compatible to 10-6 Torr.

CONEX Controller Version

For applications that required a high degree of repeatability and position feedback, the CONEX-AG-PR100P is recommended. The CONEX-AG-PR100P uses an integrated direct encoder and preconfigured closed-loop controller to achieve highly repeatable piezo positioning.

Directly Coupled Agilis Piezo Motor

Agilis piezo motors are directly coupled to the moving carriages with no intermediate screw or gear. Precision motion is achieved by a proprietary ball bearings. When idle, the holding force of the motor locks the position for true set and forget long term stability. Compared to alternative screw driven designs, Agilis rotation stages do not compromise adjustment range or lifetime and they have no backlash. In contrast to ultrasonic motors, the Agilis non-resonant motor makes small incremental adjustments more predictable with an impressive minimum incremental motion capability, ideal for ultra-sensitive alignments.