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Piezo Linear Stage, 12 mm travel
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Piezo Linear Stage, 27 mm travel
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Piezo Linear Stage, 12 mm travel, Vacuum Compatible
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Piezo Linear Stage, 27 mm travel, Vacuum Compatible
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Multi-Axis Stage Configurations

Agilis™ piezo motor linear stages can be configured as XY, XZ, or XYZ stage stacks. You can use the 339233 90 degree angle bracket for building XZ and XYZ stage configurations. For XY stage assemblies of AG-LS25 stages, use the 4 x TC M3x4 screws supplied with each stage.  An XZ stage stack is shown.

Integrated Linear Encoder with CONEX Controller Version

Newport also offers a version of the 27-mm travel Agilis linear stage with a built-in direct read linear encoder and integrated CONEX controller, the CONEX-AG-LS25-27P. Its closed-loop control provides a typical bi-directional repeatability of 0.2 µm and 0.2 µm minimum incremental motion.

50 nm Minimum Incremental Motion

The Agilis proprietary piezo technology provides 50 nm incremental motion capability, making them ideal for ultra-sensitive alignments and adjustments.

Vacuum Compatible Versions

The Agilis linear stages are available in vacuum compatible versions which can be used in vacuum (10-6 Torr) environments.

Set-and-Forget Long-Term Stability

The Agilis piezo motor is directly coupled to the moving carriage with no intermediate screw or gear, avoiding problems with coupling in drivetrain. When idle, the holding force of the motor locks the position for true set-and-forget long-term stability.

Ripple-Free and Low Friction Travel

The thermally matched stainless steel design and precision manufactured bearing surfaces of the Agilis linear stage provide ripple-free, low friction linear travel and angular deviations better than 100 µrad in any axis.