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High Speed Piezo Linear Stage, 16 mm Travel, Open Loop,Integrated Controller
4 Weeks
4 Weeks
High Speed Piezo Linear Stage, 16 mm Travel, Direct Encoder, Integrated Controller
High Speed Piezo Linear Stage, 32 mm Travel, Open Loop, Integrated Controller
High Speed Piezo Linear Stage, 32 mm Travel, Direct Encoder, Integrated Controller
High Speed Piezo Linear Stage, 48 mm Travel, Open Loop, Integrated Controller
High Speed Piezo Linear Stage, 48 mm Travel, Direct Encoder, Integrated Controller



CONEX-SAG Motion Control

The CONEX-SAG is a very compact and inexpensive single axis motion controller. The controller comes with the CONEX GUI, simple and intuitive to use and conveniently accessible via USB, which also supplies power to the controller. It offers a closed-loop algorithm which is a simplified version of the typical DC servo loop control, and combined with the linear encoder, provides a system bi-directional repeatability of 25 nm. For in-position stability, the user can adjust the deadband parameter that stops dithering when the stage is within a set position tolerance. And for a more economic option, open-loop CONEX-SAG-LS stages are also available without an encoder.

User-Friendly Interface

A graphical user interface (GUI) allows interaction with the CONEX-SAG Controller. Through the GUI, a user can initiate moves, change the state of the controller, adjust parameters and perform other functions. The CONEX-SAG Controller GUI runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10 platforms.

Includes Agilis Piezo Linear Stage

The linear stages of the CONEX-SAG-LSxx feature an innovative miniature direct read linear encoder in the (P) models. The footprint is very small while delivering sub-micron bi-directional repeatability expected from direct read encoder technology. 

Compact Controller and Stage

In terms of size, the CONEX-SAG controller is comparable to a deck of cards, only measuring 93 x 53 x 23 mm. Six controllers can fit on a CONEX-BP baseplate. The stages are also designed to easily stack as XY stage, without requiring an adapter plate, resulting in only 24 mm height. Both controller and stage are compact and ideal for space-confined or access-limited applications.

Travel Range Variety

Different linear stages are available to choose from to address critical parameters, such as travel range, that fit a variety of applications. Like the controllers, the linear stages are very compact, but are capable of 16, 32, and 48 mm travel.

All Steel Stages

The full stainless steel body of the CONEX-SAG-LSxx allows for a more compact design with exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio, greater thermal stability, and high load capacity.

Crossed-Roller Bearings

Each stage features stainless steel crossed-roller bearings. Crossed-roller bearings offer all the advantages of ball bearings, and in addition, they provide higher load capacity and higher stiffness.

High Speed

Designed to provide fast travel, Super Agilis stages offer speeds of up to 10 mm/sec. This is 20 times faster than the CONEX-AG Agilis linear stage with piezo motor and 4 times faster than the CONEX-MFACC linear stage with DC servo motor.

Angle Bracket and Base Plate

For more versatility and mounting options, a 90° angle bracket and base plate may be ordered separately. The SAG-AB90-16 bracket enables vertical (Z-axis) mounting for a two-axis (XZ) assembly, and the SAG-BP1 steel base plate is designed for mounting to an optical table.

Complete Your Conex System

USB-CH is an optional USB power supply and includes clips for US, EU, UK, and Australia, and a two meter cable. It can also be used with our Agilis™ motion controllers, AG-UC2, or AG-UC8.

We also offer the CONEX-BP base plate which is used to securely mount up to 6 CONEX-AGP motion controllers to save you space and bring you convenience.