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Motorized Linear Stage, MFA-CC Integrated with CONEX-CC Controller
In Stock
In Stock


  • Stage Type
  • Travel Range
    25 mm
  • Centered Load Capacity
    50 N
  • Axial Load Capacity
    10 N
  • Axial Load Capacity, Inverse
    -10 N
  • Maximum Speed
    2.5 mm/s
  • Minimum Incremental Motion
    0.10 µm
  • Compliance in Pitch
    10 µrad/Nm
  • Compliance in Roll
    60 µrad/Nm
  • Drive Type
    DC servo
  • Limit Switches
  • Origin Repeatability
    ±2.5 µm
  • Cable Length
    3 m
  • Computer Interfaces


Scalable Architecture

The CONEX-MFACC can be daisy chained to create multi-axis systems. For added convenience, the power can be shared with up to 5 modules using the optional CONEX-PS-CB power chain cable. This allows for a convenient low cost multi-axis system. Additionally, analog and digital inputs can be implemented into the controller through the CONEX-IOD.

Compact Controller with Integrated Stage

In terms of size, the CONEX-CC controller is comparable to a deck of cards, only measuring 93 x 53 x 23 mm. Six controllers can fit on a CONEX-BP baseplate. The CONEX-MFACC is ideal for space-confined applications.

USB Communication with PC

Communication between the CONEX controller and PC is achieved via the integrated USB interface, providing a fast ubiquitous communication protocol. For OEM's or security sensitive applications, RS-232 and RS-485 are embedded onto the controller.

All Steel Stage

The full steel body of the MFA allows for a more compact design with exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio, greater thermal stability and high load capacity.

Simple Programming with Extensive Language Options

Advanced application programming is simplified by using mnemonic ASCII commands. Newport provides a free GUI that allows the user to access and execute over 60 intuitive ASCII commands. Alternatively, additional drivers are available for LabVIEW™ as well as communication DLL’s for other languages.

Linear Amplifier

Low-noise linear amplifier of the CONEX-CC provides the optimum drive solution for low-power DC motors; delivering smoother motion, with less electrical noise and significantly less motor heating.

Out-of-the-box Control

For out-of-the box control, the CONEX-CC is preconfigured and delivered with the motion device. To start moving a sample or sensor, it simply requires plugging in the power supply, connecting the USB communication and starting the free motion GUI.

Complete Your Conex System

CONEX-PS is an essential need to supply power to your Conex devices and it is purchased separately. The supplied power can be shared by modules using the optional CONEX-PS-CB power chain cable; one cable is included in this kit and additional cables can be purchased separately.

We also offer the CONEX-BP base plate which is used to securely mount up to 6 CONEX-AGP motion controllers to save you space and bring you convenience.