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high speed belt driven rotation stage model urb100cc
Motorized Rotation Stage, Belt Drive, 360°, DC Servo Motor
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  • Angular Range
  • Maximum Speed
  • Minimum Incremental Motion
    20 mdeg
  • Maximum Torque
    0.6 Nm
  • Maximum Acceleration
  • Centered Load Capacity
    100 N
  • Uni-directional Repeatability, Typical
    ±2.5 mdeg
  • Uni-directional Repeatability, Guaranteed
    ±7.5 mdeg
  • Bi-directional Repeatability, Typical
    ±15 mdeg
  • Bi-directional Repeatability, Guaranteed
    ±47 mdeg
  • Accuracy, Typical
    ±50 mdeg
  • Accuracy, Guaranteed
    ±100 mdeg
  • Wobble, Typical
    ±15 µrad
  • Wobble, Guaranteed
    ±25 µrad
  • Eccentricity, Typical
    ±0.40 µm
  • Transverse Stiffness
    10 µrad/Nm
  • Origin
    Optical, centered
  • Origin Repeatability
    ±7.5 mdeg
  • Limit Switches
    Two independently adjustable optical limit switches, enabled/disabled by an external switch
  • Encoder Resolution
  • MTBF
    20,000 h (25% load, 30% duty cycle)
  • Cable Length
    3 m
  • Aperture Diameter
    50 mm
  • Weight
    2 kg
  • RoHS


Small Footprint

The unique belt-drive design protrudes below the stage such that the foot print is minimized and still allows for open access to the load.

Belt Drive

The URB100CC's belt drive provides significantly higher rotation speeds of up to 720°/s without sacrificing life span as compared to a typical worm gear. The elasticity of the belt also functions as the preload which eliminates backlash and improves bi-directional repeatability.

Encoder Feedback

The high speed, URB100CC utilizes a motor mounted 2000pt rotary encoder to maintain excellent speed stability and position repeatability. In addition encoder feedback, this rotary stage is capability of positioning to step as small as 0.02° MIM.

Proprietary Ball Bearing

Like the URS series, the URB100CC features a proprietary 4pt contact ball bearing. The unique and low-profile, 2-piece design provides exceptional stiffness and high reliability while minimizing wobble and eccentricity.

Metrology Report Included at No Additional Cost

Newport guarantees specification values which are measured and recorded following ASME B5.57 and ISO 230-2 standards. The typical performance values are two times better than the guaranteed specifications.

Compatible Controllers

Compatible motion controllers for these stepper motor driven stages are: