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Motorized Linear Stage, Linear Motor, 50 mm Travel, 100 N Load, M4 and M6
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Motorized Linear Stage, Linear Motor, 100 mm Travel, 100 N Load, M4 and M6
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Motorized Linear Stage, Linear Motor, 160 mm Travel, 100 N Load, M4 and M6
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Motorized Linear Stage, Linear Motor, 210 mm Travel, 300 N Load, M4 and M6
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Motorized Linear Stage, Linear Motor, 350 mm Travel, 300 N Load, M4 and M6



Ideal for Laser Processing Applications

XM stages are ideal for applications such as laser micromachining, marking, cutting, and nano-patterning. This video shows two XM stages stacked in a 2-axis (XY) system driven by a Newport XPS controller for complex, smooth, ultra high precision motion synchronized with a galvo scanner.

Ultra-Precision in 3 Axes

XM Series direct drive stages provide ultra high precision motion for the most demanding applications. This video shows an assembly of two XM stages and one XMS-V vertical stage providing 3 axes (XYZ) of motion which could be used for applications such as focusing, sensor test/calibration, direct laser lithography, and precision assembly.

Command 1 nm Motion Steps

The ultra precision design and Heidenhain glass linear scale make the XM linear stage series capable of consistent commanded 1 nm MIM in a controlled environment.

XM-S Stages are capable of 1-nm incremental motion in a controlled environment using an XPS-D controller.

Innovative Center-Driven, Ironless, Direct Drive Linear Motor

Unlike screw-driven stages, the XM employs a center-driven, ironless linear motor as the driving element. Since the linear motor is a frictionless direct drive device, there is no backlash or hysteresis, wind-up or stiction limiting the motion performance. The linear motor drive also offers the advantage of higher speed, acceleration and system responsiveness with no wear to motor brushes or drive screws. The extra-large, ironless motor coil ensures zero cogging for ultra smooth velocity control and provides higher efficiency compared to alternative stage designs. This results in significantly less heat generation, which is generally the main limit for ultra-precision motion applications. To further improve thermal management and its effect on stage performance, the XM also has the benefit of a sophisticated length decoupling of the magnetic track from the stage carriage.

XM stages provide exceptional speed stability in continuous scanning or laser machining applications. Shown is the speed of an XMS50 gathered at a rate of 1 kHz using an interferometer.

Matched Pairs of Anti-creep Crossed Roller Bearings for Ultra-Accuracy

To ensure the most accurate trajectory control, XM stages feature matched pairs of best-in-class anti-creep crossed roller bearings. The absence of recirculating elements in these bearings leads to outstanding ripple-free motion adequate for the most demanding scanning and inspection systems. In addition, the geared retainers prevent bearing cage migration, which can occur with other linear bearing products.

Accuracy of a XMS50-S stage after linear error correction, measured dynamically at a 10-KHz rate while the stage was moving at a 100 mm/s speed.

T-Shaped Carriage Design for Optimum XY Assemblies

The T-shaped carriage used on the XM provides the optimum solution for precision XY assemblies without impacting the stage preload. It is also more robust and tolerant to non-ideal mounting conditions than stages with a C-shaped carriage design.

Granite Base for Ultra Surface Flatness

The flatness of the surface is a major factor in the positioning accuracy and repeatability of a motion system. Lapped granite plates are among the flattest, commercially available surfaces. Granite’s tight flatness tolerance and extreme hardness make it logical option to complement Newport’s Ultra-Precision Linear Motor XM series stage. The GB series granite base plates feature 3 point mounting, to make-up for non-flat tables. Edge handles facilitate handling and positioning the base plate on the work surface.

Error Mapping Services

For critical positioning applications, Newport offers error mapping upon request for XM series stages driven by our XPS advanced motion controller. We will measure, implement, and verify the results of this error map that will individually optimize each stage's position accuracy. In addition, multi-axis error mapping is also available. Measurements are made at 20.0 ±0.2 °C. A certificate of calibration will be provided with your stage. Actual data may also be provided upon request.

High Accuracy Linear Glass Scale for Ultra-Repeatable Motion

Precision position feedback is supplied by a high accuracy linear scale. The precision alignment and mounting of this low thermal expansion scale in the center of the stage minimizes the impact of temperature changes on stage repeatability and accuracy. The encoder signals are interpolated by Newport’s XPS motion controller with sub-nm resolution and less than 1 nm noise for outstanding position sensitivity and stability. Absolute home position and limit signals are incorporated on the encoder scale without any further electronics or mechanics for improved reliability and accuracy.

Precision Manufacturing for Ultra-Performance

XM stages are machined from stress-relieved, high strength aluminum to ensure long-term strength and stability. All critical stage surfaces undergo multiple machining processes followed by precision grinding under strict temperature and quality control to further improve overall performance and accuracy.

Space Saving High Reliability Design

All XM stage electronics are attached to the stationary base, so there are no moving cables inside the stage. This results in an extremely compact design with exceptional reliability and safety. The space-saving, fixed read head design avoids any moving cables inside the stage and underscores the robustness and reliability of the XM stages, exemplified by an MTBF of 20,000 hours.

Metrology Report Included at No Additional Cost

Newport guarantees specification values which are measured and recorded following ASME B5.57 and ISO 230-2 standards. The typical performance values are two times better than the guaranteed specifications.

XM Series Stage Load Characteristics

Compatible Controllers

Compatible motion controllers for these XM series linear motor/direct drive driven stages are:

See our Stage-Controller Compatibility technical note for complete stages and controllers compatibility.