Note: Specifications below are common to all products presented. See Individual product details for complete information.

  • Base Material
  • Bearings
    Recirculating caged ball bearings
  • Drive Mechanism
    Ironless Linear motor (Ballscrew for Z-axis)
  • Feedback
    Linear steel scale with 20 µm pitch
  • Limit Switches
  • Origin
    Optical at center of travel
  • Cable Length
    5 m


Industrial-Level Build and Performance

The IDL line was designed with side-bands, a hard cover and air purge for industrial use where the environment is not well-controlled. The focus for the IDL is high through-put, heavy load capacity, and extreme durability.

Platform Sizes, Travel Ranges & Load Capacities for Popular Industrial Applications

The various sizes of width, travel range and load capacities of the IDL family are available to fit numerous applications. Given the variety, these stages are directly stackable with each other, minimizing design and assembly time.

Compatible With Industrial Controllers

The IDL linear stage designed to work with industrial controllers such as the XPS Universal Motion Controller and ACS Industrial Motion Controller.

Easy Direct Mounting of XY Stack Configurations

IDL stages feature both imperial and metric mounting hole patterns allowing for flexible mounting.

Reliable Stage Delivery

Just like any other Newport product, the IDL series can be ordered both from stock or under a blanket schedule. This ensures that OEMs meet their commitments.