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Motorized Vertical Stage, Ultra-Precision Linear Motor, 100 mm, 100 N
Motorized Vertical Stage, Ultra-Precision Linear Motor, 50 mm, 100 N



Ultra-Performance Motorized Stage Technology

Newport's XM Series of linear motor stages delivers world-leading dynamic performance. The XMS100V vertical stage is comprised of a standard XMS100 linear stage mounted on a high flatness vertical plate and a low friction air cylinder connected to the carriage. The result is a vertical stage that offers both ultra-high precision and long travel for applications such as focusing, sensor test and calibration, direct laser lithography, fiber alignment, ultra-precision assembly, and more. The video demostrates an XYZ motion system constructed of XM linear and vertical stages.

Counterbalance Options

The direct drive motor, aided by counterbalancing the load, negates the effect of gravity, alleviating work from the motor and gaining all of the benefits of a linear motor. The pneumatic counterbalance option is adjustable for different loads. The magnetic counterbalance option prevents the carriage from drifting down, even when the power to the motor is cut.

Magnetic counterbalance

Anti-Creep Crossed Roller Bearings

Compared to wedge designs, the direct vertical guide, composed of matched pairs of anti-creep crossed roller bearings, leads to outstanding ripple-free motion required in high-sensitivity operations while preventing cage migration.

High Accuracy Linear Encoder

Precision position feedback is supplied by a high accuracy, glass, linear encoder, allowing for outstanding MIM of 50 nm. The precision alignment and mounting of this low thermal expansion scale minimizes the impact of temperature changes on stage repeatability and accuracy.

T-shaped Carriage

The T-shaped carriage used on the XMS-V is optimized for stiffness and makes it more tolerant to cantilevered loads when compared to stages with a C-shaped carriage design. The improved stiffness is a requirement for maintaining the stage preload.

High Precision and Smooth Motion

The ironless direct drive technology allows highly dynamic motion with essentially no backlash, hysteresis, wind-up or stiction which leads to consistently lower and more repeatable run-out. In addition, the absence of drive screws, leads to outstanding ripple-free motion required in high precision positioning

Extending the Capabilities of Vertical Stages

Only the XMS-V reaches new heights in vertical stage performance via higher precision and improved dynamic motion. Due to its enhanced performance, it addresses a broader base of challenging applications.

XMS-V Load Diagram

Metrology Report Included at No Additional Cost

Newport guarantees specification values which are measured and recorded following ASME B5.57 and ISO 230-2 standards. The typical performance values are two times better than the guaranteed specifications.

Compatible motion controllers for these XM series linear motor/direct drive driven stages are:

See our Stage-Controller Compatibility technical note for complete stages and controllers compatibility.