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Motorized Vertical Stage, 100 mm Travel, 400 N Load, DC motor, 1/4-20
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In Stock
Motorized Vertical Stage, 300 mm Travel, 400 N Load, DC motor, 1/4-20
Motorized Vertical Stage, 100 mm Travel, 400 N Load, DC motor, M6
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Motorized Vertical Stage, 300 mm Travel, 400 N Load, DC motor, M6
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FEM-Optimized Aluminum Body

Similar to the finite element method (FEM) used to optimize the structural design of IMS series DC and stepper motor linear stages, the optimized aluminum body of the IMS-V is designed for extreme stiffness and minimizes bi-metal bending without compromising weight. This results in a light and stable stage whose rigid body reduces deflection under load.

Recirculating Ball Bearings for High Load Capacity

The IMS-V features four-point contact, recirculating ball bearings to provide superior cantilevered loading capacity compared to other vertical stage families. The caged, recirculating ball bearings counteract moment loads and ensure maintenance-free operation.

Direct Position Feedback

Precision position feedback is provided by a linear scale encoder, which contributes to sub-micron MIM and makes the IMS-V less susceptible to hysteresis. The direct read system is impervious to position drift caused by motion-induced heating of the lead screw for improved accuracy and repeatability.

Efficient Drive System

The drive system utilizes a self-locking lead screw with a proprietary, low-friction and wear-resistant nut optimized for carrying high axial loads. Consequently, these features decrease settling time by minimizing oscillation and unwanted motion. Additionally, the self-locking lead screw is not back drivable. This offers the best position stability, and (in contrast to braked ball screw drives) when the stage is within proper loading conditons, its position will not change when power is off.

Metrology Report Included at No Additional Cost

Newport guarantees specification values which are measured and recorded following ASME B5.57 and ISO 230-2 standards. The typical performance values are two times better than the guaranteed specifications.

Right-Angle Bracket

Newport's EQ180 bracket offers convenient and stable mounting of IMS-V stages. Constructed of black anodized aluminum, the bracket also mounts to IMS series DC and stepper motor linear stages to provide stiff multi-axis positioning systems. Please note that IMS300V load capacity is limited to 100 N when used with EQ180 bracket. Contact us for alternative bracket options for larger payload.

IMS-V Load Diagram

This loading diagram defines compliance in pitch, roll, and yaw. It can also be used to calculate off-center loads when the cantilever distance is known.

Compatible Controllers

Compatible motion controllers for the IMS-V stages are:

The maximum power consumption of the IMS-V stage is 80 W.