Motion Controller GUIs

Newport has recently introduced the new GUI's (Graphical User Interface) for the popular CONEX, CONEX-LDS, SMC100, ESP301, XPS and HXP series motion controllers. The new GUI simplifies the user experience and enables communication, stage configuration as needed, initiate motion commands and diagnose problems, all with little effort. The individual GUI's were designed to be similar, thereby shortening the learning curve of other Newport Motion Controllers.

In addition to the GUI, the following Libraries are also available:

  • .NET User Libraries to support programming C#, Visual Basic .NET or any other .NET language
  • New LabVIEW User Libraries based on Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA)
  • Example python script available for all motion controllers. Also includes examples for C++, TCL, Delphi and Visual Basic for the XPS
  • Matlab, Python, Linux and EPICS drivers available for the XPS

The new GUI's offer faster start-up and less programming effort. The GUI and USB connectivity have been simplified for easy set-up. The new USB driver enables a seamless, automatic USB driver installation for Window 7 operating system users. (CONEX, CONEX-LDS and SMC100 series)

To download the GUI executable files, USB drivers, user libraries and programming examples, please visit the controller product page or alternatively, visit .

For further information, contact us or call 877-835-9620 in US.