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Autocollimator, Optical Head with Integrated Controller


Sensitive Angular Measurements

The resolution of the CONEX-LDS is actually 0.003 µrad. Including the sensor noise, the sensitivity stays at 0.01 µrad, which is a very excellent value for angular measurement.

Fast Data Acquisition

The CONEX controller works in junction with the internal position sensor detector to provide high speed data acquisition rates up to 2 kHz. This feature is ideal for vibration measurements, structural drift, or even metrology applications like wobble measurements of bearings.

Convenient Alignment Window

Newport's CONEX-LDS supplies an intuitive, built-in alignment window used for coarse alignment of the optics. This allows the user to manually and quickly setup the autocollimator.

Certification and Quick Verification of Calibration

A calibration report is provided with each individual unit, certifying its performance. CONEX-LDS-VER is available to easily verify the unit's calibration on a regular basis. If the unit is out of calibration, it can be returned to the factory for re-calibration.

Ideal Tool for Many Applications

The CONEX-LDS is ideal for:

  • pitch and yaw measurements
  • rotation stage accuracy measurements
  • rotation axis orthogonality measurements
  • surface flatness measurements
  • settling time and stage damping analysis
  • vibration analysis
  • wobble control
  • beam set-up and alignment
  • machine alignments

Easy-to-Use GUI with Out-of-the-box Control

For out-of-the box control, the CONEX controller is preconfigured and delivered with the sensor. To start using the CONEX-LDS, the device simply requires plugging in the power supply, connecting the USB communication, and starting the free GUI. Once the GUI has been started, the layout is intuitive and straightforward. From the front panel, the user can access graphical displays of gathered data.

Built-in Controller

A very compact controller is integrated into the autocollimator head of the CONEX-LDS. This allows for easy setup, smaller footprint, lightweight design, and easy connections directly to the PC and power.